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This wiki page is all about AirDrop, including AirDrop basics guide (turn on and set up AirDrop, use AirDrop to send content), AirDrop features and tips for sending items and more.


October 10, 2016

by iMobie

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AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple's OS X and iOS operating systems, introduced in Mac OS X Lion (OS X 10.7) and iOS 7, which enables to transfer files from iDevice to Mac computer and transfer files from Mac to iDevice without using mail or a mass storage device. With AirDrop, people can wirelessly send items like photos (Learn: how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac), videos (Learn: how to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPhone), websites, locations, and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

AirDrop Wiki Page – Preview

AirDrop Wiki Page – Preview

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AirDrop System Requirements

To send items to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or to receive items from those devices, Apple users need a 2012 or later Mac model with OS X Yosemite or later, excluding the Mac Pro (Mid 2012).

To send items to another Mac, users need:

MacBook Pro (Late 2008) or later, excluding the MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2008)

MacBook Air (Late 2010) or later

MacBook (Late 2008) or later, excluding the white MacBook (Late 2008)

iMac (Early 2009) or later

Mac Mini (Mid 2010) or later

Mac Pro (Early 2009 with AirPort Extreme card, or Mid 2010)

Turn on and Set up AirDrop

On Mac computers:

Choose Go > AirDrop from the menu bar in the Finder. An AirDrop window opens. If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is turned off, users will see a button to turn it on. AirDrop turns on automatically when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on.

To receive files from everyone instead of only those in users' Contacts app, users can use the "Allow me to be discovered by" setting at the bottom of the AirDrop window.

On iOS devices:

Open Control Center. Tap AirDrop, and then choose whether to receive items from everyone or only from people in users' Contacts app.

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How to Send and Receive Items on a Mac

With AirDrop, people can share photos, videos, contacts, Passbook passes, Voice Memos, Map locations, and any and everything else that appears on a Share sheet with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. Keep in mind that AirDrop users should ensure that devices being used are within 30 feet (8 meters) of each other. Sending Items from A Mac:

Choose Go > Select AirDrop from the menu bar in the Finder. Or select AirDrop in the sidebar of a Finder window.

The AirDrop window shows nearby AirDrop users. Drag one or more items to the recipient's image in the window, and then click Send button.

AirDrop Wiki Page - Sending Items from A Mac

AirDrop Wiki Page - Sending Items from A Mac

Receiving Items:

If the recipient is signed in to your iCloud account, the item you're sending is automatically accepted and saved. Otherwise, the recipient is asked to accept the item before it's saved to their device.

On a Mac, the item is saved to the Downloads folder.

On an iOS device, the item appears in the appropriate app. For example, photos (Learn: how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone) appear in the Photos app and websites appear in Safari.

AirDrop Wiki Page - Receiving Items

AirDrop Wiki Page - Receiving Items

Tips for AirDrop

If Contacts don't show up in the AirDrop interface, try these solutions:

1. Toggle Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi off and back on to reset the connections.

2. Turn off Instant Hotspot to free up the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

3. Temporarily switch to Everyone to remove any chance of contact mismatch.

If iOS devices aren't recognizing each other, make sure AirDrop is set to "Everyone" instead of "Contacts Only," as the latter setting has caused some problems for users.

Apple users can also AirDrop a location from the Maps app, a contact (Lean: how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone without backup) from the Contacts app, an open document in Preview or other Apple apps, and so on.

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