How to Fix: Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Looking for ways to fix the Wi-Fi connection failure on Android? The post here can help you out.

By iMobie | Posted: Mar. 16, 2018, Last Updated: Apr. 18, 2018
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Nowadays, mobile video turns to be an important part of people’s daily life. With Wi-Fi network, you can watch any videos online on your Android phone as you wish. But if the Android phone fails to connect to Wi-Fi, it would be frustrating that you cannot enjoy the show because everybody knows the online videos swallow your mobile data traffic. So you definitely want to know how to quickly fix the Android won’t connect to Wi-Fi. 7 quick tips are offered in the post, and head to get the details.

How to Fix the Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Problem

Tip 1. Toggle Wi-Fi Off and On

On your Android phone, go to the notification area and find the Wi-Fi icon. Toggle it off, wait for seconds and toggle it on again. Allow the phone to search for available Wi-Fi connections and check if the Android not connecting to Wi-Fi problem is fixed.

Tip 2. Turn Airplane Mode Off and On

In the notification area of your Android phone, find Airplane mode and turn it off. Waiting for seconds, you can turn it on again.

Tip 3. Check Whether Bluetooth Is Turned Off

The Bluetooth sometimes conflicts with Wi-Fi. When the Bluetooth is on, Wi-Fi might do not work. So turn off the Bluetooth option and then try to use Wi-Fi again.

Tip 4. Switch Off Power Saving Mode

The Power Saving mode usually refuses your Android phone to connect Wi-Fi since the Wi-Fi connection will drain the battery quickly. So make sure the Power Saving mode is switched off in the Settings menu.

Fix Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Android Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Tip 5. Turn Off Smart Network Switch

The Smart Network Switch feature automatically switches your Android phone to mobile data connection if the Wi-Fi is unstable. Thus to fix the Wi-Fi connection failure on Android, go and check if the Smart Network Switch is on.

Step 1 Go to Settings, find and tap the Wi-Fi tab.

Step 2 Tap on More on the top right of the phone.

Step 3 A new box will come up on the screen with details about Smart Network Switch.

Step 4 Tap on Off to stop using the Smart Network Switch.

Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Tip 6. Forget All Wi-Fi Networks and Start Again

Make sure you have all the detailed information like the Wi-Fi name and the password.

Step 1 Go to the Settings menu of your phone.

Step 2 Find Wi-Fi and hit it.

Step 3 All Wi-Fi networks that you have added to your phone will be listed here. Tap on each of the network names and tap on Forget.

Tip 7. Restart Your Modem

Restart your modem if all the devices connected to the modem are not working. To do this, you must follow the manual that came along with the modem. Depending on the model and type of modem you are using, you may have to follow different steps.

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How to Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

How to Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

The Bottom Line

If you have any other possible ways to fix the Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, welcome to share with us in the comments below. If you want to better manage your Android phones or tablets, go and get AnyTrans for Android to have a try >


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