Android vs iPhone (iOS)

- What Should You Choose?

Which is Better, Android or iPhone (iOS)

To get the answer to Android is better, or iOS, we firstly need to have a fully understanding of what they are same in, and especially what they differ in. So we prepare for two ultimate comparison pages to help you with them:

The second thing we need to figure out is that we should comprehend what each of them, Android or iOS, is better at, than the other one. And so according to their unique abilities, you can choose which one suites you. Here is a table to help you:

Also you can refer to the following guides to grab more details about them:

After having some knowledge of Android and iPhone (iOS) similarities, differences, and their each unique abilities, you can now make a wise and just choice between them - iPhone (iOS) is better than Android. Also you can refer to our opinions about what is better, Android or iPhone (iOS), and please follow this guide: The Conclusion to What Is Better, Android or iPhone (iOS) >

Since iPhone (iOS) is better than Android, the troubling question “Do I still have my Android phone, or buy a new iPhone?” is going to be easy - Get An iPhone for Yourself. If you still hesitate about it, you can get help from this post: Should I Switch from Android to iPhone >

Getting an iPhone is simply - go to the store and buy it. But have you ever considered the bunch of things which you need to do after buying it? Because for Android users, the new iPhone does not have anything, and the previous important data is still on Android, contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, etc. How can you switch them to the new iPhone? Jump to the next part for the answer, though.

How to Switch from Android to iPhone

If you have make your mind to buy a new iPhone, you would probably start to be troubled by how you can transfer all Android data and files to new iPhone. The good thing is that Apple has already provided us an app to get away with this problem - it is Move to iOS app.


However, to be honest, Move to iOS cannot be the best way to help you switch Android to iPhone, because its function letdowns (unable to transferring apps, for example), and various problems and issue (such as unable to migrate, could not communicate with device, no code, stuck on transferring, slow/takes forever, Wi-Fi disconnect/drops, not connecting to device, transferring interrupted, and so on.).


However, there is no need to worry about this time, neither. A complete list of guides are also prepared for your whole Android switching journey:

How to Upgrade to New iPhone 8/X

Even for the iPhone users, there is also a tough job to do every year, since Apple’s tradition - bring out the new iPhone devices every year. In this autumn, iPhone 8/X is coming to us. Have you decided to upgrade your old device to new iPhone 8/X? You can refer to this guide to get help: Should I Upgrade to New iPhone 8/X >


If you are a big fan of Apple’s new products, fascinated about their new looks, and features, and quickly make a decision to have a new iPhone 8/X, the following job would be how to set up the new device, and how to deal with the data and files on old device. Don’t worry, because our services and help are always by your side. Here is the ultimate list of iPhone 8/X upgrading supports to help you upgrade to new iPhone 8/X:

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