How to Copy Photos from iPhone to PC?


Are you looking for a way to transfer pictures from your iPhone to the PC? This article on how to copy photos from iPhone to PC will settle your problem easily.


Nov 18, 2013


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PhotoTrans – Your Magic iPhone Photo Transfer

PhotoTrans – Your Magic iPhone Photo Transfer

Please install PhotoTrans right before the following guides show you how to copy photos from iPhone to PC.

Why Should You Transfer the Photos from iPhone to PC?

The storage capability of iPhone is limited, especially those old versions like iPhone 3G with only 16GB. How awful it is that there's no enough space for the new photos you try to save on your iPhone! Or what if the iPhone gets lost accidently which actually happens far too often? What's worse is some special pictures you value a lot will be missing forever.

You may say only if you can copy photos from iPhone to computer, all the knotty problems above will be solved smoothly. Yes, by transferring photos from iPhone to PC, you can free save as many as new photos on iPhone again. And now that you have backup pictures on PC, you can easily get back lost pictures. Meanwhile, to use photos on PC, share them online and enjoy them better and more as you like.

An iPhone to PC Solution, Does What iTunes Can't Do for You.

While facing that problem mentioned above, you must have always been eager to find a quick and effective way to copy photos from iPhone to PC just like most iPhone users. However, the pity is the powerful iTunes doesn't support you to copy photos from iPhone to PC no matter how easy it helps transfer and export files, like music, photos, movies, etc. from computer to iPhone.

That's why we highly recommend PhotoTrans to you, the iPhone to PC solution. PhotoTrans has an array of features that help you transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod touch photos from & to computer, organize albums without iTunes and let you the wonderful pictures in a slideshow.

No tedious operation, PhotoTrans will copy photos from iPhone to PC hassle - free.

How to Copy Photos from iPhone to PC with PhotoTrans Easily

Please make sure you have installed PhotoTrans on your PC before we get started.

Step 1: Click Export on the home screen of PhotoTrans:

Choose Albums You Want to Copy to PC

Step 2: Select the albums you want to transfer > Click OK and PhotoTrans will start to import your photos from iPhone to your PC.

That's how PhotoTrans copies photos from iPhone to PC. Try it out yourself, you'll find how easy it is.

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