How to Create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card


We will show you how to create an iTunes account without a credit card? So if you're a student or just want to get free app music movies from iTunes store, then this article is definitely helpful.


July 13, 2012


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Situation: "I'm a high school student and I want an iTunes account to download some free music onto my iPod. But sadly I don't have a credit card yet and how can I create an iTunes account without that? Before getting a job (so that I can apply for a credit card), I hope I can create an app store account so as to put my iTunes gift cards on that account. Help ME!

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Analysis: In many instances, by creating an iTunes account without credit card linked, we can prevent spending the money that we don't need to pay. For example, Podcasts and iTunes U do not require an account to download, however, any other free content, including free iPhone, iPad apps and free or promotional music, videos, and TV Shows all require an account to download.

No matter you have no credit card available or you just plan to download free items, it is pretty preferable to not have your iTunes account associated with a credit card.

Solution: It is not that complicated to setup an iTunes account without bringing up a credit card. You can follow below steps to finish the process.

How to Set up an iTunes Account without a Credit Card

Step 1: Open iTunes and press the "iTunes Store" tab.

Create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card 1

Step 2: Go find a free app (music, or movie) you like and click on the Free button that appears when the mouse hover over it.

Create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card 2

Step 3: A popup will open asking you to sign in with your Apple ID. Click "Create New Account".

Create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card 2

Step 4: following with all instructions until you are asked to provide a payment method. Notice now that the last option says None! Click that bullet option. And after few follow-up procedures, your iTunes account will be successfully created without a credit card.

The Bottom Line

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