How to Delete Photos from iPhone iPad iPod and Fix Can't Delete Photos in iOS 10/10.3.3/11


This post offers some methods to easily delete photos and fix "can't delete photos from iPhone iPad problem", suitable for any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in iOS 10/10.3.3/11.

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iOS 11 would available soon and many of you may want to update to iOS 11. However, you might also have problems when while removing photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Now, let's check out how to delete photos in Photos app and how to remove photos when trash icon missing on iPhone photos in iOS 10/10.3.3/11.

Part 1. How to Delete Photos in iOS 10/10.3.3/11Part 2. How to Fix iOS Photos Can't Be Deleted

Part 1. How to Remove Photos on iOS 10/10.3.3/11(Basic)

Actually, it's quite simple to delete one photo or multiply photos on iOS 10/10.3.3/11, no matter what device you are using, iPhone 7/6/6s/SE or iPod touch 5.

You can delete one photo easily by tapping the photo, and then click "Trash".

How to Delete One Photo on iOS 10/10.3.3/11

How to Delete One Photo on iOS 10/10.3.3/11

Additionally, you can select photos by date or manually select multiple photos, and then delete them.

How to Delete Multiple Photos on iOS 10/10.3.3/11

How to Delete Multiple Photos on iOS 10/10.3.3/11

If you want to immediately and permanently erase pictures on iOS 10/10.3.3/11, you should go to Albums > Recently Deleted, to permanently remove them after deleting. (The photos you recently deleted on devices will be stored for 30 days before permanently being removed from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

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Part 2. How to Fix "Can't Delete Photos on iOS 10/10.3.3/11" Problem

As you can see, the both normal ways to delete photos require delete button, what if the trash icon is missing? Below we will talk about what to do if the trash icon is missing.

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Actually AnyTrans can help you out. With this all-in-one iOS content manager, you can easily delete the photos that have no "Trash" icon. Plus, it helps you quickly get rid of all photos on iPhone at one click, instead of deleting one by one on your device. Download free trial >>

How to Delete Photos When Trash Icon Is Missing - AnyTrans

How to Delete Photos When Trash Icon Is Missing - AnyTrans

The process to delete photos that have no "Trash" icon with AnyTrans is very simple. After downloading/installing this software on your Mac or PC and connecting your device to computer by using USB cable, you can make it by simply clicking into the category named "Photo Library", which you can find by following AnyTrans > Your Device > Photos > Photo Library.

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The Bottom Line

Organizing photos and deleting unwanted items is a good way to free up space on iOS device and speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Welcome any comments to talk about how to clean photos on iOS device. We'd appreciate it if you can share this post to people around you.

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