How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone X/8 (Plus) without Using iTunes


Want to know how to remove ringtones on iPhone 8 (Plus)/X? Follow this tutorial to grab an easy application to delete ringtones from iPhone 8/X.

October 17th, 2017


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AnyTrans - Remove A Ringtone on iPhone 8/X Easily

AnyTrans – Best iPhone Data Manager

AnyTrans provides you with the best way to put your all iPhone data just in the right place you want, transferring, backing up, deleting, and syncing. Including Contacts, Messages, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Apps, Call logs, etc.

Ringtone on iPhone is kind of a reflection of personality. You can change your custom ringtone to the hottest songs, and you can also remove the out of date, or disliking ones on your iPhone. In last daily guide, we have talked about how to customize your iPhone 8/X ringtone. So in this one, we will share one easy way about how to delete ringtones from iPhone 8/X, to help you manage a ringtone better.

Normally, you probably think about giving a try with iTunes to delete your ringtones on iPhone 8/X. In old times, iTunes, with the confusing interface, was capable of removing, and syncing ringtones indeed. But soon after iOS 11 releasing, Apple brought the newest iTunes 12.7, and then no more ringtone managing in iTunes any more. Why?

According to Apple official, iTunes 12.7 will not focus on ringtone and apps any more. That’s why you can’t find the Tone and App tab in it. Even though Apple have thought about some users still depending on iTunes to managing ringtones on iPhone, and brought the transition version - iTunes 12.6.3, it is still not a good choice.

iTunes 12.6.3 downgrading is with many unpleasant issues. It will not receive any technical support from Apple, and require recreating a new iTunes library, and occasionally happen iTunes Library.itl cannot be read problem. Even Apple official does not recommend the iTunes 12.6.3.

Surely these words do not mean there is no method you can apply to delete ringtones from iPhone 8/X. In this tutorial, we sincerely recommend the all-in-one and easy iOS data manager - AnyTrans to help you with the issue.

About The Application We Use

Although iTunes has already given up the ringtone managing feature, AnyTrans, the professional iOS data manger, is still working hard on it, bringing your life more convenience. Besides, AnyTrans has more amazing features to make deleting a ringtone job from iPhone 8/X better.

1. Compared to iTunes confusing interface, AnyTrans is designed friendly. Anyone can figure out what they can do on it, even the newbies.

2. There will be no any errors occurring during operation, unlike iTunes.

3. Also capable of iTunes customizing.

So why not download it now, and we get started with how to delete ringtones from iPhone 8/X with it?

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8 (Plus)/X without iTunes

Step 1. Run it on your computer (PC/Mac) > Connect your iPhone 8/X to it > Scroll down to the category page.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 1

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 1

Step 2. Click on Ringtones option under Audio tab.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 2

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 2

Step 3. Select the ringtones you would like to remove > Choose Delete button.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 3

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone 8/X - Step 3

The Bottom Line

As you can see, with AnyTrans, there are only three steps needed, and you can delete ringtones from iPhone 8/X easily. Why not give it a try right now? If you have any question about it, you can contact us via email, or leave your messages in the comments below, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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