8 Main Differences between iPhone and Android


What is the difference between iPhone and Android? If you ever troubled by this problem, then read this guide, it shows you the differences between iPhone and Android in detail.


Aug. 15, 2017

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We make choices every day and some are just so hard, to name one: while making purchase of new phone, what would you buy, iPhone or Android?

To be honest, there are many similarities between iPhone and Android, they are both smart phones, anyway. However, differences exist between iPhone and Android, that's why making a choice between iPhone and Android is so tough. Here in this post, we summarized differences between iPhone and Android to help you make a decision between Android and iPhone.

Part 1. Difference between iPhone and Android - Hardware & Models

Hardware is one of the most obvious differences. As is known to all, only Apple makes iPhone while Google offers its Android software to many phone manufactures, like Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, etc. Due to this circumstance, iPhone's hardware are strictly controlled by Apple and there is no need to worry about their quality, but there are just a few available options for the models. As for Android phones, it is true that there are more available options for the models, but some cheap-priced Android phones tend to have problems like overheat, freeze up because of bad quality of hardware.

Part 2. Difference between iPhone and Android - Batteries & Charging

The batteries on early iPhones require to be charged every day. Now even though the iPhone battery capacity has improved significantly, it is still impossible to go out for several days without charging the iPhone. Some Android models offer ultra-high capacity batteries, but the extra bulk is a problem.

As for charging, Android has less requirements on the charging cable. Apple, however, uses its proprietary Lightning port to connect to the charging cable. The Lightning port is less compatible with other charging cables, but this gives Apple more control over the quality of the charging cable.

Part 3. Difference between iPhone and Android - Systems

The system could be the biggest difference between iPhone and Android. Next, we will talk about the difference between iOS and Android operation system in several aspects.

1. Openness

iOS is often regarded as closed system for users barely have system permissions and Android is more open.

An open system is a double sword. Android users can customize their phones easily, but as a study goes, 97% of all malware, viruses, etc., were for Android while 0% attacked iPhone. The head of Google's Android team said that "We can't guarantee that Android is designed to safe".

2. OS Updates

Apple has a complete control over its operating system and each year in September, new iOS would be launched. All iPhone, iPad, iPod users would get notifications to update their systems. Google also updates their Android frequently, but users just don't get any notifications. When an update is offered, it is usually several months after the new version of Android is launched.

3. Running Speed

New phones can always run fast no matter Android phones or iOS devices. However, after two-years of use, maybe less, Android's running speed could reduce dramatically, that is why many people said that a normal Android phone could only sustain two years.

Part 4. Difference between iPhone and Android - Apps

It is known to all that Android users get applications from Google Play while iPhone users get applications from Apple app store. Statistics show that currently there are 2700,000 applications in Google Play and only 2200,000 applications in Apple app store.

How many apps are there doesn't really matter, none of us really need that many apps. Actually, many developers complains the difficulty of developing apps supporting all Android phones. Comparing with developing apps for Android, developing apps for iPhone is so much easier, that is why not all best apps make it to all Android phones.

Part 5. Difference between iPhone and Android - Integration with Other Devices

Apple produces other products, for example, Mac computer, Apple watch, iPad. As for integration with other devices, it is undeniable that Apple does the best.

You can schedule your work on iPhone at home and check it on your Mac in office, you can also work at a document on Mac and continue on your iPhone. Google also provides services like Gmail to work across all Android phones, however, no producers make products to keep integration with other devices in all categories of data.

Part 6. Difference between iPhone and Android - Voice Assistants

When comparing the voice assistant on Android - Google Assistant with Siri on iPhone, Google assistant is certainly far more powerful than Siri.

Say you have an appointment at four, the Google assistant could send a notification telling you when you should leave for the appointment. The next generation of Google Assistant is Google Now, which is expected to smarter.

Comparing with Google Assistant, what Siri could do is limited. However, with each new iOS release, it is improving. One thing worth to mention is that Google Assistant is available on iPhone.

Part 7. Differences between iPhone and Android - The Little Things

Though basically iPhone and Android function pretty much alike, there are some slight differences between iPhone and Android while they are functioning.

1. Message

Even though there are so many social apps, they didn't take the charm of texting away. Now Apple developed iMessage for users to send voice and messages between Apple products for free. You can even link iMessage account to your Mac, your iPhone, your iPad. At present, with an Android phone, texting can only be achieved with a SIM card.

2. Search

Google is an excellent search engine, but certainly Android is making searching data like messages, notes hard. Most Android phone's native search function can only be used to search apps. Apple's Soptlight search culls from everything on your iPhone, even including emails, notes.

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The Bottom Line

That's all for the differences between Android and iPhone. What is better, iPhone or Android? Please share your ideas in the comment column. If you find this post helpful, we'd appreciate it if you could share it with others.

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