How to Download Flickr Photos & Videos with 3 Methods

Do you want to learn how to download Flickr photos? If yes, then you have come to the right page. Here, you will get to know how you can download Flickr photos and videos.

By Bella Miller | Posted on: Feb. 25, 2019, Last Updated: Feb. 26, 2019

Flickr is one of the most popular image and video hosting services. This service was recently purchased by SmugMug, which is professional photo hosting service. Sadly, there is a severe downgrade for Flickr free users and it is that they are now limited to only 1,000 pictures rather than free storage of 1 TB that was offered previously. In addition to it, it has also doubled the Flickr pro accounts price to $50/year, but it adds more perks, such as photo books discounts, analytics, and other perks.

Download Flickr Photos

Download Flickr Photos

After January 8th, free users having 1000+ photos in their Flickr account will not be able to upload additional images or videos. The worse is that as of March 12, free users who are over the limit will have their files deleted until they are under the limit i.e. 1000 (beginning with oldest photos).

So, if you don’t take any action by March 12, then SmugMug will finally delete your image collection after the starting 1000 photos and videos for permanent. Sadly, deleted photos and videos can’t be retrieved even if you go for Flickr pro account later.

If you don’t want to lose your photos, then you can go for Flickr Pro version that costs $5.99/ month. However, if you don’t want to stick with the free plan and having 1000+ photos, then you can download Flickr photos and move them to other photo services, like Google photos.

How to Download Flickr Photos

You have 1000+ photos on your Flickr account and you want to download them as you want to stick with your Flickr free account. There are many ways to get this task done.

Part 1. Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll

Step 1. Sign-in to your Flickr account.

To begin the process, sign-in to your Flickr account and then, navigate to the “Camera Roll”.

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll - Step 1

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll – Step 1

Step 2. Select and download the photos.

Next, Click the photos you want to download or select all and then, click on “Download”.

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll - Step 2

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll – Step 2

Step 3. Create Zip file.

After that, click on “Create Zip file”, wait for the motivation that your zip file is created.

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll - Step 3

Download Flickr Photos from the Camera Roll – Step 3

Step 4. Received to download the photos.

Once you receive a notification, open it and then, click on the hyperlink you received to download the photos.

That’s how to download multiple photos from Flickr. You can download as many as photos at the same time. However, too many photos at once can cause the download process to stand. If you have too many photos to download, then you can organize them into albums. After that, you can download the entire album of photos.

Part 2. How to Download a Whole Album

Step 1. Open an album and download it.

To begin the process, go to Albums section and then, open an album you want to download > Click on the “Download” icon.

Step 2. Create Zip file.

After that, click on the “Create zip file” and then, wait until you don’t get the notification that your zip file is created.

Step 3. Download the album you want.

Open the notification you got and then, tap on the hyperlink to download the album.

In this way, you may lose your Flickr comments, but you will be able to save your photo, especially older photos from the risk of deletion.

Part 3. How to Download All Flickr Photos

Now, wondering how to download all Flickr photos? Happily, Flickr offers great ways to users to download all photos in one go. It may take many days, but the benefit is that it will download photos in full resolution, along with JSON file that record likes, comments, tags, and EXIF data.

Step 1. Find “Your Flickr Data” in Flickr.

Move to your Flickr account settings. Next, go for the “Your Flickr Data” section which is at the bottom right-hand side.

Step 2. Download all your Flickr photos.

After that, tap on the “Request My Flickr Data” button. Finally, you will get an email having a link to download the zip file.

How to Download All Flickr Photos

How to Download All Flickr Photos

If you are looking for the way on how to download video from Flickr, then the process is the same as you download the photos from Flickr.

The Bottom Line

Once you have downloaded your photos from Flickr, you can save them to another photo storage service, such as Google Photos or DropBox. If you have any more doubts, please feel free to ask in the below comment section.

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