How to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Assistant on iPhone in iOS 9


There is a new Wi-Fi Assistant feature in iOS 9, please read this guide to know how to enable or turn it off on your iPhone.


Sep. 02, 2016


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With the latest iOS 9, you can enjoy a wealth of new features that make it worth getting to know over the past iOS 8 update. One of the new features that you will find in OS 9 is the ability to enable the WiFi Assistant on iPhone.

Almost all of us have been bothered by poor Wi-Fi connectivity at some point, so that we have to disable Wi-Fi and turn on cellular data in order to continue Internet connectivity. Now things have been easier, you can make a switch over from Wi-Fi to cellular data automatically by enabling the Wi-Fi Assistant on your iPhone running iOS 9.

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How to Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Assistant in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step 1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone, scroll down and tap on Cellular.

Step 2. Go to the bottom, and you should see Wi-Fi Assistant option. Here you can toggle it to ON or OFF position.

How to Turn on/off Wi-Fi Assistant in iOS 9

How to Turn on/off Wi-Fi Assistant in iOS 9

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The Bottom Line

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