How to Use Optimize Storage Feature for Music


The iOS 10 allows you to limit the storage space that Music app takes up. Just read this guide to see how to use this Optimize Storage feature.

Sep. 18, 2016


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In the previous iOS 9, there is a behind-the-scenes version of Optimized Storage. It will automatically delete some of the songs from iPhone or iPad when the storage is filled. This feature has often drive users crazy, sometimes whey they tend to listen to favorite songs that downloaded before, only to find they missing without reason.

The good news is that, in the new iOS 10, Apple has improved this feature. It allows users to choose enable Optimized Storage or not. If you turn it on, then you can select how much space you want to allot for music. And if you download over that, it will delete some of the songs that you haven’t played in a while. Now let’s start to see how to use this feature.

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How to Use Optimize Storage for Music in iOS 10

1. How to Turn on Optimize Storage Feature

Step 1. Go to Settings app and then tap on Music.

Step 2. First turn on iCloud Music Library, and then tap on Optimized Storage under DOWNLOADS.

Step 3. Turn Optimize Storage on. Select the storage space that you want your music to take up.

2. How to Turn off Optimize Storage Feature

Step 1. Open Settings app and then choose Music.

Step 2. Tap Optimize Storage. Turn it off.

Bonus Tip: How to Manage Music Easily

Upgrading to iOS 10 is great. It can let you enjoy many new features with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. And you may be also interested in one brand-new iOS data manager named AnyTrans. It can let you transfer music and other important data from iDevice to iDevice, iDevice to computer/iTunes and vice versa. Here take manage iPhone music for example.

Step 1. Download AnyTrans and open it > Plug in your device.

Step 2. Choose Audio > Select Music.

Manage Music on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 2

Manage Music on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 2

Step 3. You can choose to add or delete songs, transfer music to iTunes/computer/another device.

Manage Music on iPhone with AnyTrans

Manage Music on iPhone with AnyTrans

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The Bottom Line

The Optimize Storage feature can only help you limit the amount of space that used by Music. If you want to free up space on your device, then refer to this page: Free Up iOS 10 on iPhone iPad iPod >

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