How to Find and Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone X/8/7/SE/6s/6/5s/5 Easily


Delete lots of pictures from your iPhone recently? And suddenly aware that there are still some photos you don’t want to delete. How to find deleted pictures on iPhone and how to get them back? Read on.


Oct. 27, 2017


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PhoneRescue® for iOS – Helps You Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone

PhoneRescue® for iOS – Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

Download PhoneRescue for iOS and follow this tutorial to find and recover your deleted photos from iPhone as soon as possible, ready for iOS 11 and supports all iPhones.

Question, “Recently, I deleted some pictures from Camera Roll on my iPhone 8, are photos deleted from my iPhone gone forever? I mistaken deleted some photos w don’t want to remove, where do these deleted photos go? How can I get them back to my phone? Please help!”

—An iPhone 8 User

Do you also have such a question: if you deleted a photo on your iPhone, is it gone forever? The answer is NOT. Then, you may wonder where do deleted photos go on iPhone? How to see/access deleted photos on iPhone? And how to recover deleted pictures on iPhone? With so many questions, let’s read on. You’ll find what you want in the following text.

Where Do Deleted Photos Go on iPhone?

Situation 1: Where do deleted photos go when they be removed from iPhone temporarily?

If your iPhone is running in iOS 9 or later, when you delete photos from Camera Roll on your iPhone, these deleted items will be moved to the photo album named “Recently Deleted”. This is new feature of iPhone Photos app since iOS 9 – Your recently deleted photos & videos will be automatically stored in this album for 30 days before they are deleted permanently. You can easily recover this kind of photos by selecting them and taping on the Recover button.

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone Directly

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone Directly

Situation 2: Where do deleted photos go when they be removed from iPhone permanently?

What if you deleted photos from “Recently Deleted”? In other words, what if deleted pictures be removed from your iPhone permanently, where do these photos go? Is it still possible to find and recover these deleted photos?

Generally, if you have created backup with iTunes or iCloud before deleting pictures from your iPhone, you can find deleted photos by restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup after erasing all content and settings on your iPhone. And if you have no iPhone backup, normally, you have to face the fact that your iPhone pictures are gone forever.

However, to be honest, when you delete photos on your iPhone, the deleted files just be marked as useless and still saved on the internal storage, waiting the other data to be written into the location. Therefore, as long as deleted data haven’t been overwritten by new data, it is very possible for you to recover deleted photos from your iPhone with the help of PhoneRescue, no matter you have backup or not. And below we tell you how to easily make it.

Tool to Find & Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

PhoneRescue is a professional Android and iOS data recovery tool, and PhoneRescue for iOS is especially developed for iOS users. It’s easy-to-use, efficient and trying its best to find your deleted iPhone pictures. And below are some features of this recovery tool.

1. It supports recovering as many as 22 types of iOS contents, including messages, photos, videos, contacts, call history, notes, reminders, calendars, etc.

2. Allows preview deleted files and data in thumbnails before restoring them, this makes you can selectively recover what you really need instead of all the data on your device.

3. It supports all iPhone models in iOS 11/10/9/8/7/6/5, including iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6s/SE/7, and the new iPhone 8/X. And works well with PC and Mac computer.

4. It promises protecting your privacy information 100% safely. To recover deleted photos is really not an easy job, especially from device directly, but PhoneRescue for iOS has high data recovery success rate.

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone with PhoneRescue for iOS

Now, download PhoneRescue for iOS and follow steps below to find and recover deleted photos you really still need from your iPhone.

Step 1. Install PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer, open it and connect your iPhone with USB cable. Select Recover from iOS Device and click on the arrow button.

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone - Step 1

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone – Step 1

Note: There are 3 recover modes for you, if you have backup contains the photos you need, you can also choose recover from iTunes backup or from iCloud.

Step 2. Only tick Photos and click on OK to scan this type of data on your iPhone.

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone - Step 2

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone – Step 2

Step 3. Select Only list deleted. Preview and choose the deleted pictures you really want to get back, and click Recover to Device to put selected pictures back to your iPhone now.

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone - Step 3

How to Find & Recover Deleted Pictures on iPhone – Step 3


1. Meanwhile, you can also recover deleted pictures to computer, and if you want to sync these photos to iPhone again, or add other pictures from computer to your iPhone, you can refer to: How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone >

2. This tutorial also can be applied to recover deleted photos on iPad and iPod touch.

The Bottom Line

With PhoneRescue for iOS and this detailed tutorial about how to find deleted pictures on iPhone, you must have learned a new way to recover deleted iPhone pictures. In addition to pictures, many other iPhone data and fiels also can be recovered by PhoneRescue for iOS, why not download and give it a try now?

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