How to Fix Bricked Android Phone

This post aims at telling you what brick Android phone is, soft or hard, how it happens, and what measures can be taken to fix it easily.

By iMobie | Posted: Mar. 13, 2018, Last Updated: Apr. 18, 2018

The biggest highlight of Android, compared to other mobile OS, like iOS, is its openness. Users and developers can do much more on it. However, many of Android problems happen due to its openness as well. The brick issue is just one of them.

But what on earth is a brick Android phone? When we say an Android phone is bricked, it means that the phone won’t boot properly and becomes a totally useless brick. According to different symptoms, there are two types: soft brick and hard brick.

Soft Brick

Soft bricked Android phone won’t turn on properly, but you can still see something after the phone boots up:

Hard Brick

If it is a hard bricked Android phone, the phone won’t turn on in any way or any form. You keep pressing the power button, but nothing happens. It seems like the phone is really dead. A hard brick rarely happens, but if unfortunately, it does, it leaves you no option but to turn to a repair service or go straight to your carrier’s/manufacture’s store.

Now you understand what bricked Android phone really is, but how did it happen? There are various reasons why your Android phone gets bricked, like flashing Stock/Custom ROM, rooting your Android phone improperly, failing to update Android firmware, installing malicious software or get virus attacked, etc.

How to Fix Bricked Android Phone

If you find that your Android phone is bricked or has such symptoms mentioned above, you can try the following tips to fix it quickly:

Method 1. Force Restart Your Android Phone

If your phone is frozen in a frame and make no response to your order, you can try to reboot it forcibly. And to complete that, the most direct way is to remove the battery from the device and then put it back. After putting the battery back to the device, you can long press the Power button to try to restart your phone.

Method 2. Boot Your Phone into Recovery Mode

Wiping cache partition in Recovery Mode can be a good idea to fix bricked Android phone as well. The methods to boot different kinds of Android phones into Recovery Mode are diverse but the normal way is:

Step 1Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time until you see a recovery menu.

Step 2Next, use Volume key to find out and select Advanced and Wipe Dalvik Cache.

Step 3Then go back to the main screen and choose Wipe cache partition.

How to Fix Bricked Android Phone by Wiping Cache

How to Fix Bricked Android Phone by Wiping Cache

Step 4After that, select Wipe data/Factory reset to remove the settings and data on your phone. When the resetting process finishes, your device will reboot automatically.

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The Bottom Line

And now you have a total understanding of what bricked Android phone is and how it happens; More importantly, you can now try these methods above to easily fix bricked Android phone issue. Surely, if you find that this post is truly helpful, please share it with others; And if you have another method for this question, you can also share it in the comments below.


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