How to Fix: iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3 WiFi Always On or Turns On by Itself


Why iOS 11 WiFi turns on by itself? Read this guide to get the cause and the method to fix the WiFi automatically turns on in iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3.

Dec. 05, 2017


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Updating to iOS 11 is great, which makes your iPhone/iPad better than before with the new features. The Control Center is also redesigned that lets you change the settings for the things you do most. Now Apple just releases iOS 11.3 with new features and bug fixes. However, you just find something strange: the iOS 11 WiFi always on or the WiFi automatically turns on. Why does my WiFi keep turning on in iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3? Keep reading to get the reason and quick fix.

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Why iOS 11 WiFi Turns On by Itself

In the new iOS 11 Control Center, you can easily turn on/off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But actually, when you switch off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, these features just disconnect from the current Wi-Fi network/Bluetooth pairing but still running in the background. In the new iOS 11.3, you will find the buttons will be in white if you are not fully turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off.

Apple makes them always on to keep certain features intact, like AirDrop, location services, the connection with Apple Watch etc. So with iOS 11, your device will try to reconnect to known devices using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. It will also lead to battery draining and security risk. If you dislike this change, go to the next part to see how to turn off WiFi completely on iPhone X/8/7/6s in iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3.

How to Fix iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3 WiFi Always On/Turns On by Itself

iOS 11 WiFi turns on by itself is annoying, then how to turn off WiFi completely? You need to go to Settings app to make it.

Step 1. Open Settings app on your device > Choose WLAN.

Step 2. Switch the button off.

How to Turn off WiFi iOS 11

How to Turn off WiFi iOS 11

The Bottom Line

iOS 11 WiFi turns on by itself is not a bug but a hidden feature. You can easily disable it in Settings app. If you think this guide is helpful, please share it with friends. If you want an easier way to manage iPhone iPad data, then have a try on AnyTrans.

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