How to Fix iTunes Error 2001 with 5 Solutions

What should we do when the restore/update process suddenly stops with an iTunes error 2001 showing up? This article can give you answers directly. Keep reading and get 5 useful methods to solve the iTunes error 2001.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 20, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 20, 2018
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iTunes is the tool we frequently use to restore or backup data to/from iDevice. Recently, with the update of iOS 12, many people would like to make the update of iOS on iDevice by using iTunes. However, there might occur some problems from time to time. You may have tried to restore or update your iPhone using iTunes, but the process suddenly ended with the error saying “An unknown error occurred (2001).”

iTunes Error 2001

iTunes Error 2001

Then, what should we do to continue the process of restoring iPhone? This error can be caused by several reasons like the USB connection, the old version of iTunes, etc. To help you out, here this article will show you several useful solutions to solve this problem. Keep reading and give it a try, you shall find the one that works for you.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 2001

Method 1. Restart your iDevice

iTunes error 2001 is highly likely to occur when the connection between the computer and your iDevice is interrupted during the restore or update process. In this case, though you can give a try to plug it out and reconnect it to your computer, you can first try to restart it before doing so, which is both a safe and efficient way.

Method 2. Update iTunes to the Latest Version

If you are using an old version of iTunes, there is more possibility for you to encounter this kind of iTunes error. Download the latest version of iTunes, then launch it on your computer and connect your iDevice to the computer. Then check whether this error still occurs or not.

Method 3. Check Your USB Connections

The iTunes error 2001 can be related to the poor USB connection, broke USB cable or dusted USB port on your computer. You can follow the below steps to have a check:

  1. Try another or new USB cable. It would be preferable if you can use the original USB cable came with your iPhone.
  2. And then plug your iPhone into a different UBS port on computer or on another computer. Make sure the cable is directly plugged into the computer.
  3. Or you can remove all other USB connections on your computer besides keyboard, mouse and your iPhone to test whether there is something wrong with your cable. Then disable your security software, try to restart your computer to check if the error still occurs.

Method 4. Hard Reset Your iPhone

If the USB connection has nothing to do with this error, you can try to reset your iPhone to fix it. Make sure you have backup your iPhone before hard resetting your iPhone. Follow the detailed steps to know how to achieve it.

Step 1Turn off your iPhone > Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Hard reset your iPhone by following the steps:

Press and hold the Power button and Home (iPhone 6/6s and earlier models)/ Volume down button (iPhone 7/7 Plus) to reset your iPhone.

Press Volume Up, then Volume Down, press and hold the Power button (iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XR) until you see the Apple logo. Then all your iPhone data shall be removed.

How to Fix iTunes Error 2001 - Hard Reset iPhone 8/X/XS (Max)/XR

How to Fix iTunes Error 2001 – Hard Reset iPhone 8/X/XS (Max)/XR

Step 3Connect your iPhone with computer > Give a try to restore your iPhone from iTunes again.

Method 5. Change Your iPhone Battery

This error can also be caused by your iPhone battery since it’s too old to be effective. If your iPhone gets hot when restoring or updating by using iTunes, you may need to change the old battery to a new one from Apple Store. Then this error may never come to you.

The Bottom Line

That’s all the five solutions on how to fix iTunes error 2001. You can give a try to any of the above solutions. Hope these methods can help you to get away from the iTunes error 2001. If you have other useful methods can solve this iTunes error 2001, we’d like to hear it in the comments below!


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