How to Fix iTunes Error 37

Meeting iTunes error 37 and looking for methods to figure it out? Read the follow-up post to get three useful solutions.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jul. 03, 2020

iTunes error 37 could be caused due to many reasons in the iTunes app on your computer. You may find the app throwing the error either when you are restoring your device or you are trying to make a backup. Many of the users have complained that they often see the error while they are trying to restore their iOS-based devices. Regardless of where it occurs, when it occurs, it puts you in trouble as you’re unable to restore or make a backup of your device. The app just keeps throwing the same error again and again and you become nothing but a helpless user who doesn’t know what to do.

Why iTunes Error 37 Happens

If the error has been occurring for a long time and you haven’t been able to restore your device, you’ll likely be frustrated and would be looking for the causes of the error so you can figure out why it happens.

Some of the reasons it could occur include an antivirus software accidentally deleting some of the iTunes app files. In that case, iTunes will throw an error as it can’t perform its actions because of it not being able to find the files that have been deleted by your antivirus software.

Another possible cause of the issue could be a fault in the hardware of your device. While this is highly unlikely, sometimes it does happen and there really is an issue with a hardware component on your device.

How to Fix iTunes Error 37

We know you’re more interested in learning how to fix iTunes Error 37 than finding out what has caused the error. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to get around the issue in iTunes on your computer, and below are some of those fixes for you.

1. Close and Re-open the iTunes App

It could be that iTunes has a cached file that is preventing it from functioning properly and closing and re-opening the app will resolve the issue for you. So, all that you are going to need to do is close the app if it’s already open and then re-open it from your launcher or your desktop.

Exit the iTunes app on Windows PC

Exit the iTunes app on Windows PC

If you are on a Windows PC and iTunes is open on your machine, click on the File menu at the top and select the option that says Exit. It will close the app on your PC. Then, find the iTunes shortcut on your desktop and double-click on it to relaunch the app.

Quit the iTunes app on Mac

Quit the iTunes app on Mac

If you happen to use a Mac and are inside iTunes, click on the iTunes menu at the top and select the option that says Quit iTunes. It will quit the app and then you should be able to relaunch it from your app launcher.

2. Disable the Antivirus Software on Your Computer

If the antivirus software has to interfere with the workings of iTunes, you could disable the software while you work with iTunes on your computer.

There are no generic steps as to how you can do it. It totally depends on what antivirus program you use and how it allows you to close it. Most of the time, you will find the exit option in the file menu of the software from where you can disable the software.

Some of the software even let you disable security scanning for a while in case you don’t want to completely exit the software. That should work as it will not scan or interfere with the iTunes app.

3. Try Restoring Your iOS Device Again

Sometimes the issue could be temporary due to some reason and Apple advises you to try restoring your device twice more and that should do the job for you. You will just have to click on the Restore button in iTunes a few more times and you will be good to go. However, notice that restoring the iOS device will erase all the data and settings on your device. So, it’s necessary to make a backup before restoring.

Restore Your iOS Device

Restore Your iOS Device

Prepare your iOS device to be restored and click on the Restore button a few times. In the first few attempts, it might show you the iTunes Error 37 but eventually, it will work and you should have gotten rid of the issue on your computer.

The Bottom Line

iTunes is known for throwing a number of errors but there are always some ways to fix those and get your work done. We hope the above guide helps you learn how to fix iTunes Error 37 and move forward with the task you were doing in the app on your computer.

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