How to Fix iTunes Error 4005 with 8 Methods


Searching for solutions to fix iTunes error 4005 when failed to update or restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod via iTunes? This tip offers 8 top solutions to help you fix this issue.

Apr. 26, 2017


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Recently, many iOS users come across an annoying trouble – iTunes error 4005 when trying to update their iDevice to the latest iOS 10.3.1 version via iTunes. If you also met the same problem and your iPhone, iPad and iPod failed to update, keep reading you’ll find solution here.

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What is iTunes Error 4005

iTunes Error 4005 is a very common fault of iPhone, iPad and iPod, which usually occurs when updating or restoring your iDevice via iTunes. Lots of different possible reasons may cause this error, for instance, the iOS system problem on your iDevice, the version of iTunes, the USB connection condition and USB port of your computer, some virus infection and so on.

How to Fix iTunes Error 4005

In order to help you solve this annoying problem, this article sums up 8 probable solutions that usually use to heal the error 4005 in iTunes. Hope that one of these solutions below would be useful to you.

Solution 1. Restart iTunes

Sometimes, the simplest way can fix problem without effort. Like some registry and file management errors in iTunes can be solved via restarting. Sometimes, it turns out that restarting iTunes when iTunes error 4005 occurs often works.

Solution 2. Restart computer

If restarting iTunes hasn’t solved the issue, then you can try to restart computer to clean up the registry and resolve any issues with iTunes and device connectivity.

Solution 3. Check the USB cable & USB port

Sometimes iTunes error 4005 may occurs with problem of the USB cable or the USB port of computer. So, it is necessary to try another cable or change an USB port.

Solution 4. Force restart device

To fix iTunes error 4005, you can try to force restart your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Sometimes, this method maybe works.

Solution 5. Check the battery

When the battery of your iOS device is in low state, the lack of power may cause this iTunes error 4005. So, make sure your iOS device has enough power.

Solution 6. Update iTunes to the latest version

Older versions of iTunes are prone to leads conflict between hardware and software handling; hence update iTunes to the latest version is without doubt.

Solution 7. Update your computer

If your computer is not up to date that also may cusses this error, therefore, you should check for updates to your Mac or PC.

Solution 8. Restore iOS device in DFU mode

Sometimes, put your iOS device into the recovery mode may get everything going again when you failed to install or upgrade your device. If not, you can also have a try on DFU mode. A Default Firmware Update will rebuild the structure of the software running on your iOS device, you’ll take a risk of losing everything because when you carry out a DFU restore absolutely everything is deleted. But it’s exactly a possible solution to fix iTunes error 4005.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iTunes error 4005, hope there is one of them can get your problem solved. At last, do not forget to have a try on PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery.

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