4 Easy Methods to Fix iTunes Error 51

How to fix iTunes error 51? Why iTunes error 51 occurs? All things you want to know about iTunes error 51 is here.

By iMobie | Posted on: May. 23, 2018, Last Updated: Jun. 19, 2019

iTunes is the proprietary software of Apple developed for users to manage iOS data. With it, you can manage your music library and playlists, backing up your iPhone to your computer or restoring iPhone. It normally works well, however, issues like iTunes error 51 can occur from time to time while users are restoring iPhone via iTunes.

There are many software or hardware reasons that may result in this error. But no matter how does it happen, your iPhone restoration will stop or won’t work until this error is solved. If you are stuck in iTunes error 51, don’t fret, here in this post, we will show you why iTunes error 51 occurs and how to fix this issue. Keep reading and find whatever you want to know.

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Why iTunes Error 51 Occurs

There are many reasons that may lead to iTunes error 51. Below are four of the most common reasons.

1. Outdated iTunes,

2. Security application,

3. Faulty USB ports,

4. .ipsw file issues or a faulty hardware.

How to Fix iTunes Error 51

There are four methods in total to fix iTunes error 51. Please try them one by one.

Solution 1: Fix iTunes Error 51 by Updating iTunes

Using outdated iTunes can cause a lot of iTunes problems and iTunes error 51 is one of them. To fix iTunes error 51, the first method you should try is to update your iTunes application on your Windows or Mac computer.

Fix iTunes Error 51 - Updating iTunes

Fix iTunes Error 51 – Updating iTunes

Solution 2: Fix iTunes Error 51 by Replacing Faulty Hardware

If you are using a USB extension or USB ports on a keyboard to connect your iPhone to the computer, then iTunes error 51 may be the caused by this. These USB extension hubs or keyboard ports may not be powerful enough to support iTunes operations. So, try plugging your iPhone to computer directly and this should fix iTunes error 51.

Also, check whether the USB cable or USB port you are using are defective or not. If the USB cable or port is defective, try using another USB cable or port.

Solution 3: Fix iTunes Error 51 by Deleting the .iPSW File

The .ipsw file is used in iTunes for installing new iOS firmware. Any issue in this file can also cause iTunes error 51. If this is the case, delete .ipsw file can be helpful to solve iTunes error 51.

Go to C:\Users\your account\AppData\Roaming\iTunes\iPhone Software Update and delete all .ipsw file. Delete all file if there are more than one .ipsw files.

Run Finder > Go > Go to Folder > type ~/Library and press Go > open iTunes folder > iPhone Software Update and delete the .ipsw files.

Fix iTunes Error 51 - Delete .iPSW File on Mac

Fix iTunes Error 51 – Delete .iPSW File on Mac

Solution 4. Fix iTunes Error 51 by Closing Security Application

Security application prevents your data from virus or malware. However, it would sometimes stop the communication between iTunes and Apple server. That’s why you may encounter iTunes error 51. Try to force stop security applications on your computer and see if iTunes error 51 is fixed.

Bonus Tip: How to Extract Data from iTunes Backup

With above four methods, you may have already fixed iTunes error 51. However, as you know, iTunes can only restore your iPhone from a whole backup. Besides, you won’t be able to view the contents in iTunes backup. Moreover, iTunes restoring process will erase all existing contents on your iDevice.

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AnyTrans for iOS, developed to be an all-in-one iOS data management tool, can help you view contents in iTunes backup for free. Besides, It can also lend you a helping hand to extract data from iTunes backup and save them to the computer in viewable and printable format. Moreover, you can even have the option to transfer those data from computer to iOS device directly.

AnyTrans for iOS Overview

AnyTrans for iOS Overview

As you can see, AnyTrans for iOS is indeed an excellent iTunes alternative which could offer you more convenient and fast ways to manage iOS data. Why not download it now and start the free trial?

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iTunes error 51. Are those solutions helpful? Let us know by leaving comments below. By the way, if you have questions about AnyTrans for iOS or this post, please also let us know also by leaving comments in the comment column. Last but not least, don’t forget to give AnyTrans for iOS a try.


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