How to Fix iTunes Error 8392 with 4 Methods

Get the notice of Could not purchase “app name”. An unknown error occurred (8392) when updating apps on iTunes? Check this tutorial to quickly fix this iTunes error 8392.

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Getting this error message daily: “Could not purchase “APPNAME”. An unknown error occurred (8392). If I keep hitting the “update all apps” button it will eventually download, but it’s very frustrating. I’ve signed out and back into Store, shut-down and restarted Mac (2016 iMac – all updates have been installed), but can’t get rid of this error. Not sure if related to this error, but when syncing both iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 (both fully updated to the latest software), to iMac/iTunes that all apps do not get updated on iPhone/iPad, I have to do this on the device itself, so lots of duplicated updated activities. I even set up the iPad as new, but the same problem persists. Any ideas?

– User Feedback from Apple Discussion

iTunes Error 8392

iTunes Error 8392

Recently, more and more users have complained that they have received the notice of Could not purchase “app name”. An unknown error occurred (8392) when updating apps on iTunes, just like the user mentioned above. And no matter what you do, such as rebooting the computer, re-install iTunes, even restoring the iDevice, does not work at all for this iTunes error 8392.

You must wonder firstly “How could this error happen?” For now, Apple has still not given the official words. But it is most likely an SAP internal error. That is to say, when an enormously increasing number of users request updating, the application would run out of operating system locks. So when multiple users attempt to access the stored app, the webserver fails to acquire the lock and passes the error code 8392 to you.

4 Methods to Solve iTunes Error 8392

So base on it, we have collected 4 practical methods you can try to fix this iTunes error 8392, in the following content. Keep reading.

Method 1. Make Sure of Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Even though Wi-Fi connection checking is kind of basic, it is very easy to neglect. So before taking the other 3 methods, please be sure of that you are using a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2. Try Updating App Not at the Peak Time

Just as we have talked about above, when a number of users try updating some app, the possibility of iTunes error 8392 occurring would increase a lot. So you can choose to update it when fewer users do it so.

Method 3. Update Apps One by One

We found that iTunes error 8392 happened mostly when users chose to update all apps. So when you have multiple apps to update, like more than 3, you can choose updating them one by one. By the way, many users respond that it works.

Method 4. Delete the App and Download It in iTunes Again

The last practical tip to fix iTunes error 8392 is deleting the app in iTunes firstly, and then re-download it from the iTunes store. Please note that you cannot delete apps instantly on iPhone iPad, or your settings and other data will disappear. Once you have installed the app again, you have to sync it with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iTunes so that the updated app can have all the user data without losing any of it.

Try to Use iTunes Error Repair Tool to Fix this Error

AnyFix – iOS system recovery is an iTunes error repair software that can help you solve more than 200 iTunes errors without data loss. With a professional team, it has provided many people with a one-stop solution to iTunes issues and received a lot of praise. Without further ado, let us take a look at how this software repair iTunes error 8392.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Free download AnyFix – iOS system recovery and launch the software > Click on iTunes Repair option.

Click iTunes Repair

Click iTunes Repair

Step 2. Select Other iTunes Errors > Tap on Scan Now.

Choose Other iTunes Errors and Scan Now

Choose Other iTunes Errors and Scan Now

Step 3. Then AnyFix will fix the error and when the repairing process complete you can see the interface as below.

iTunes Repair Completed

iTunes Repair Completed

The Bottom Line

With these four methods, you can fix iTunes error 8392 at most times. If you have another practical solution, please share it with us in the comments below, to help more people.

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