How to Repair Water Damaged iPhone Step By Step

If you are looking for the ways to repair water damaged iPhone, then read the below article, you will get to know some common steps to rescue your water damaged iPhone into work condition.

By iMobie | Posted on: Aug. 13, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 07, 2018
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Sometimes, iPhone users accidentally dropped their iPhone in the swimming pool, bathtub or at any water body. If you are also facing this type of situation and your iPhone is not turning on, then you do not need to panic. Still, there is a chance that your iPhone can be saved from water damage. In this article, we will tell you the best and efficient way on how to fix water damaged iPhone. So, just follow the below steps as described to get your iPhone into working condition.

4 Steps to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

There are several steps you should follow to fix your iPhone device if it dropped into water.

Step 1. Turn Off iPhone and Don’t Turn On

If your water damage iPhone device is still on after the damage, then you need to immediately turn off your wet iPhone device and do not turn it back on until it becomes dry completely. It is because you may get an electric shock from the wet iPhone device or your iPhone device circuit may get fired due to water. Then, look for some dry cloth or you can take a fresh towel and dry your iPhone device using a towel.

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Fix Water Damaged iPhone –  Power Off iPhone

Step 2. Dry Water Damaged iPhone with rice or silica

This method is used by many iPhone users to fix their iPhone device from severe water damage. This way is also one of the popular ways to repair water damaged iPhone. Many water damage iPhone devices got fixed through this method. You can also try iPhone in this method at your home.

Dry Water Damaged iPhone with Rice

Dry Water Damaged iPhone with Rice

You just need to put your wet iPhone device into the packet of either rice or silica gel for at least one day. In this minimum time, the rice will soak all the water from your wet iPhone device. So, for this method, you have to very patient as it takes a very long time.

There is one point you should remember that before placing a wet iPhone device, you need to remove SIM card and iPhone case.

Step 3.  Going to the Apple Store for Repair or Replace

If your water damage iPhone device has a warranty period, then you should visit the Apple store. The Apple store provides an excellent repairing service that can fix your water damage iPhone from any type of water damage situation. Through this method, you can save your precious time as well as money only if your device has a warranty period.

And even if you have no warranty, you still can get a replacement from Apple, and the cost could be vary from the condition and the modle of your water-damaged iPhone. And iPhone will usually cost around $250 – $500 for a replacement, depending the generation.

How much you’ll cost for Water Damaged iPhone replace?

iPhone Generation Replace Device Cost For AppleCare+ Users
iPhone 5, 5c, 5s $269 $99
iPhone 6 (Plus), 6s (Plus) $329 $99
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus $319 – $349 $99
iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X $349 – $549 $99

Step 4.  Retrieve Your Data from Water-Damaged iPhone

If you’ve ever created iPhone backup via iTunes or iCloud, then you data will be safe even if your iPhone got water damaged and you can restore the data to your new iPhone. Or you can use iPhone backup extractor to access your backup file without an iPhone (if you don’t plan to get a new iOS device).

How to Restore iPhone 8 from iCloud

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud


No doubt, there are ways to fix water damaged iPhone. However, iPhone users must be careful while using an iPhone as it is costly. You should be careful as there is only a 50-50% chance that your iPhone will be fixed with the above discussed methods. If you have some nice method to get water damaged iPhone fixed, you can share them on the comment section.


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