How to Get Messages on iPad from iPhone


Want to transfer messages from iPhone to iPad and get messages on iPad without restoring? You can get an answer in this post.

Dec. 29, 2015


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AnyTrans - Clone and Merge Messages from iPhone to iPad without Restoring

AnyTrans - Best iPhone to iPad Transfer

Download free trial of AnyTrans to your computer and transfer data between your iPhone and iPad after reading this how to get messages on iPad tutorial.

You may have received so many text messages and iMessages on your iPhone, and the messages contains some valuable pictures or texts. To access these messages on iPad, restoring iPad with iPhone backup is a good way but sometimes you may don’t want to restore your device with iTunes or iCloud because it requires you to erase all contents and resetting on your iPad. Therefore, we offer you one simple-to-use tool to easily get iPhone messages on your iPad, and you can also apply this method to transferring messages to new iPhone and iPod touch.

Tool to Transfer iMessages and Text Messages

It is AnyTrans, one of professional iOS content managers you can use to get messages on iPad from your iPhone. As an iPhone to iPad transfer tool, it enables you to transfer messages, contacts, photos, music and other types of files from iPhone to iPad. It is different from iTunes or iCloud sync because it never erases contents on your device.

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How to Get Messages on iPad with AnyTrans

It is pretty simple to transfer data across your iDevices if you have downloaded AnyTrans and installed it on your computer. Below are the steps to get your iPhone iMessages and texts to your iPad.

Step 1. Run AnyTrans and connect your iPhone and iPad to computer.

Step 2. Go to your iPhone page and click "Merge Devices" button.

How to Get Messages on iPad from iPhone – Step 2

How to Get Messages on iPad from iPhone – Step 2

Step 3. Select Message, and click "Start" to transfer iPhone messages to your iPad.

How to Get Messages on iPad from iPhone – Step 3

How to Get Messages on iPad from iPhone – Step 2

It might take you a while to get this transferring finished because AnyTrans will backup your device > merge data > sync data. So please be patient and keep your device connected. After all finished, all messages on your iPhone will be transferred to your iPad messages app.

The Bottom Line

It is so easy to transfer data from iPhone to iPad with AnyTrans and use it do something you cannot do before, such as getting text messages on iPad just like this post shows. So why not download free trial and discover AnyTrans now!

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