How to Get Music off iPod touch


After reading this tutorial, you will find a solution to get music off iPod touch. Since iTunes cannot help you with this, we recommend you an outstanding iPod transfer - PodTrans Pro.


August 22, 2016


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PodTrans Pro - All-new iPod Manager to Free Your iPod and iTunes Music

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Download this award-winning application so that you can make use of it after reading this How to Get Music off iPod touch guide.

Previously we have made a post about how to download music from iPod to computer. But if you are using an iPod touch, you may notice it does not have a "Disk Mode" option. Then if you need to get music off iPod touch for backing up or recovering, you can follow below tutorial to work it out.

The Tools You'll Need

There are many iPod transfer software out there. Some are trial version and some are problematical. To save you the work, we recommend you PodTrans Pro, a pro-level iPod music manager solution.

Why Choose PodTrans Pro

By taking advantages of iOS 5 Wi-Fi sync feature, PodTrans Pro allows you to complete iPod touch music transferring wirelessly. The other supported file types include movies, TV shows, photos, etc.

From anywhere in the house, you can tap a button on this iPod touch transfer and get all you want sent to your devices without having to get out of the chair.

How to Copy Music off iPod touch

Preperation: free download PodTrans Pro. After a brief installation, you can check its main interface.

Step 1: Plug in your iPod touch, and give it a second to load up detailed iTouch information. PodTrans Pro supports all models of iPod touch from 1st generation to the 5th.

Step 2. On the homepage > Click on "Audio" > Choose "Music".

How to Get Music off iPod touch

How to Get Music off iPod touch

Step 3: Pick up the songs you want to get off from iPod touch and click To PC (transfer iPod music to computer), To iTunes or To Device.

How to Get Music off iPod touch

How to Get Music off iPod touch

The Bottom Line

For the other models of iPods, say iPod classic, iPod shuffle and iPod nano (very adorable), it also has great chance that these iPods are the only place where you can get back lost music. The current PodTrans Pro supports all iPods ever made.

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