How to Have a Floating Video Window on iPad in iOS 9


How to have a floating video window on iPad in the new iOS 9? Read this tutorial to get the step-by-step instructions.


Aug. 18, 2015


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iOS 9 is likely to come to our eyes in this fall as every Apple user expected, which will bring us a set of new features and performance improvements. One of the most anticipated features of iOS 9 is the floating video window (Movies or FaceTime Calls), which is the true practice of Multitasking on iPad. You can keep watching movies or use FaceTime calls while using other apps. This is really cool.

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Part 1. How to Keep Watching Videos While Using Other Apps

Picture in Picture of iOS 9 allows you to view videos in three sizes, and the videos can be dragged to four corners of the iPad screen. The Pip mode will be automatically launched when navigating to the home screen.

How to Keep Watching Videos While Using Other Apps

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By simply tapping the PIP window once will bring up three buttons allowing you to return the video to its original location, play or pause the video, or close it.

Dragging the video window off to the side, a sliver of the video will remain viewable, which allows you drag it back into view. You can also move the window around to any of the four corners by holding down on it and dragging it across the screen.

If you play other media like a song or another movie while Picture in Picture is enabled, the PIP video will automatically pause.

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Part 2. How to Continue a FaceTime Call in Other Apps

The PiP feature also allows you to continue a FaceTime call (both videos and audio) on your home screen or in apps on your iPad. Simply press the Home button during a FaceTime conversation and it will minimize to the bottom corner and you can move, resize as well as maximize it, mute the audio, or end the call.

How to Continue a FaceTime Call in Other Apps

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The Bottom Line

If you want to know more about iOS 9 like how to recover lost data due to iOS 9 update, or how to speed up iOS 9 devices, you can refer to this complete guide to iOS 9 Update.

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