How to Hide Apple Music on Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPod touch Easily


If you don't like to use Apple Music on your device or machine, you can read on this guide to set up your Mac or iPhone/iPod/iPod touch to hide this feature.

Aug. 12, 2015


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After three-month free trial, if you find that the new music service isn't cut out for you, you may want to find a simple way to disable it. Luckily,you can get rid of the Apple Music completely. In this guide, we will show you how to set up your Apple device to hide it by following the steps below.

How to Hide Apple Music on Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPod touch Easily

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How to Hide Apple Music on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Step 1. Open the Settings app on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Step 2. Locate and click on the Music icon.

Step 3. Flip the Show Apple Music switch to the OFF position.

How to Hide Apple Music on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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Note: After hiding Apple Music, your songs downloaded for offline listening are still there until your iCloud Music Library is disabled.

How to Hide Apple Music on Mac/PC iTunes

Step 1. Launch iTunes on Mac/PC.

Step 2. Click the Preferences in the iTunes menu on Mac. Click Edit, and then Preferences on a PC.

Step 3. Click on General, and then uncheck the box next to Show Apple Music.

Note: Hiding Apple Music on Mac or PC will automatically turn off iCloud Music Library, and then Apple Music songs will be removed.

The Bottom Line

After hiding Apple Music, you can go back to the old way of enjoying your music. If you want share your music between iOS device and Mac, you can use AnyTrans to help you.

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