How Many Faces can You Use with Face ID on the iPhone X


Do you know how many faces can you use with Face ID? This article will tell you how many faces can the iPhone X supported and show you how to manage iPhone X content better.


Oct. 31, 2017


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Q: In the 5 finger option for Touch ID, my spouse and I shared the fingers for scanning so that either of us could open each of our iPhones. Wondering how many faces can the iPhone X store? If Face ID will be limited to just one person?

—A user from Reddit

What is Face ID

You know that iPhone X has a exclusive feature called Face ID that even not be supported by iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Why it’s exclusive to the iPhone X? It’s due to the sheer amount of tech crammed into the front-facing camera at the top of the edge-to-edge display. It is really a cool feature, which is more convenient than Touch ID and makes unlocking and paying fast, easy and intuitive.

Well, many users concerned with how many faces can you use with Face ID? Some users hope it will also supports several faces just like Touch ID supports 5 fingerprints, however, some users prefer this function will be limited to just one person thereby making the iPhone truly belong to oneself individual. So, how many faces can you scan with Face ID on your iPhone X?

How Many Faces can You Use with Face ID

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How Many Faces can You Use with Face ID

Actually, Apple did not make a clear statement about how many faces can the iPhone X store, but according to many people who spoke to Apple, there is only one face can be registered per device, and this is also be confirmed by TechCrunch. That is to say, one iPhone X, one face. It’s totally unlike with Touch ID, iPhone X users have only one face to use for their unlocking purposes.

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A Screenshot of AnyTrans on Mac

A Screenshot of AnyTrans on Mac

The Bottom Line

After reading this guide about how many faces can you use with Face ID, you already know the answer is Only One Face. On November 3rd, the iPhone X will put on sale, if you get one, why not download AnyTrans to manage your iPhone X in a better way?

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