How to Access iCloud Bookmarks


How to access iCloud bookmarks? If you are puzzled on how to get your bookmarks from iCloud, you have come to the right place. This article gives you step-by-step instructions to access iCloud bookmarks.

Sept 26, 2014


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AnyTrans - Access iCloud Bookmarks

AnyTrans - iCloud Backup Manager

Have a try on this amazing iCloud backups manager AnyTrans on your computer to access your iCloud backups. Now read this article on how to access iCloud bookmarks.

Apple's iCloud service is designed to sync data with your iPad or iPhone, including bookmark syncing features. It is enabled by default on a Mac, and iCloud also allows you to sync bookmarks between other browsers on your Windows system and Safari on your iPhone iPad. After the bookmarks synchronization with iPhone iPad via iCloud, you are able to access your iCloud bookmarks your windows PC.

In this article, you can get two methods to access iCloud bookmarks. The first option is to access iCloud bookmarks via iCloud Control Panel, and the second one is to access iCloud bookmarks with an all-in-one iOS data manager - AnyTrans.

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How to Access iCloud Bookmarks via iCloud Control Panel

Step 1. Download iCloud Control Panel application for Windows and install it. Launch it and log in with the your Apple ID.

Step 2. Click the "Options" button at the right of the Bookmark option. Select a browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome) to sync with.

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks

Step 3. Now can access your iCloud synced bookmarks in the browser you choose before.

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How to Access iCloud Bookmarks

1. Download and install AnyTrans on your computer.

2. Launch AnyTrans and link your iPhone iPad or iPod touch to your PC. Click “iCloud” icon and login iCloud with your iCloud account and password.

HHow to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 2

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 2

3. AnyTrans will lists all backups on your iCloud. Just select one backup and download it from iCloud to your computer.

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 3

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 3

4. After downloading, you can view backup contents. By clicking "Bookmarks", you can view all Safari bookmarks on the backup. And you can even export selected bookmarks to your computer.

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 4

How to Access iCloud Bookmarks – Step 4

AnyTrans Highlights

> Manages to selectively download individual items, such as, Bookmarks, Calendar, Messages, Contacts, Voice Mail, Call History and more from the iCloud backup to computer instead of the entire backup synchronization.

> keeps the iCloud backups visible and easy-to-manage on computer which gives users more control on iCloud contents.

> Supports syncing up to 25 types of personal info, multimedia data, and even app document and files.

The Bottom Line

AnyTrans is the first and unique iOS device management software that adds the function of iCloud backups management. Any questions about AnyTrans or iCloud is welcomed. If this article is useful, why not share it with your friends. Start to have a try on it now >

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