How to Activate/Set Up New iPhone X/Xs (Plus) with Detailed Steps

Getting a new iPhone X/Xs (Plus), the first thing you need to do is activate and set up it. But since the way activating iPhone X/Xs seems extremely different from the old iPhone model, our team have collected this complete guide to help you with setting up new iPhone X/Xs (Plus), step by step. Check them now.

By iMobie | Posted on: Aug. 31, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 31, 2018
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The ways of setting up the iPhone X/Xs (Plus) is extremely different when compared to all other previous iPhones. Below is a step-by-step guide which will help you to set up iPhone X/Xs (Plus) quickly. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about iPhone X/Xs (Plus), there is nothing to worry about, as this guide will assist you with everything you wish to know regarding setting up new iPhone X/Xs (Plus). For this, you simply need to go through the steps given below, as they will help to set the iPhone X/Xs (Plus) as new.

How to Activate/Set Up iPhone X/Xs

How to Activate/Set Up iPhone X/Xs

Steps to Set Up/Activate New iPhone X/Xs (Plus)

Step 1. Switch on your iPhone X/Xs (Plus)

For switching on the iPhone X/Xs (Plus), press and hold the Side. After doing this a “Hello” screen in numerous languages will appear in front of you. Now, select your preferred language and move forward.

Step 2. Update your old iPhone and make use of Quick Start

If you have another device running iOS 11, you can make use of the Quick Start. So, hold your old phone beside your iPhone X/Xs (Plus), and you will see that a little window will pop up, and ask if you wish to transfer your stuff to the new iPhone X/Xs (Plus). At this point, point the camera of your old phone at your iPhone X/Xs (Plus) and enter the passcode of your old phone. Now, complete the rest of the setup process.

In case, you don’t have another iOS 11 device, tap Set Up Manually in order to continue.

Step 3. Activate new iPhone X/Xs (Plus)

Just opt for your desired Wi-Fi network or opt for iTunes or cellular network. Moreover, insert the SIM card in order to continue.

Step 4. Set up Face ID

The subsequent step is set up your Face ID This feature allows you to use face recognition to unlock your iPhone In order to set up your Face ID, tap Continue and proceed, or, if you don’t need it then simply tap Set Up Later.

Step 5. Set a passcode

A passcode is essential to safeguard the data of your iPhone. So, you go on Passcode Options to choose your preferred kind of password.

Step 6. Restore the data

In case, you have restored your prior iPhone by iTunes or iCloud, you have an option to restore from iTunes Backup or Restore from iCloud Backup in order to sync data from your old iPhone. In case you don’t have any data to transfer, select Set Up as New iPhone.

Step 7. Sign in with your Apple ID

Put in your Apple ID, if you remember. In case you don’t remember your Apple ID or don’t have it, simply click on “Don’t have an Apple ID or forget it” in order to retrieve the ID if you have forgotten it, or create an Apple ID, in case you don’t have one. In case, you have different Apple IDs, tap Use different Apple IDs for iCloud & iTunes on the screen.

After this, switch on the Location Services. Also, after setting up your phone, you can turn off Location Services, if you want.

Step 8. Set up Siri

You can now enable Siri.

Step 9. Opt settings for app analytics, True Tone, and Home button

Make a decision on if you want to share information with app developers or not.

If you want the images to look more natural on iPhone X/Xs (Plus), turn on True Tone.

Now, adjust the click of your Home button.

Step 10. Choose a display style

Now, opt for your preferred display resolution, and, tap Get Started in order to finish the process.

The Bottom Line

From the above it can be concluded that setting up your new iPhone X/Xs (Plus) is not a difficult task, and, can be easily done by following the easy steps given above. Also, it is easy to transfer everything to your new phone by following certain basic steps.


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