How to Add Friends on Game Center in iOS 10


No Game Center app in iOS 10, no adding friends? Of course not. This tutorial will show you a practical solution to how to add friends on Game Center in iOS 10.


May. 16, 2017


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Game Center App

Game Center App

When updating to iOS 10, there may be many problems and unhappiness we could encounter. But as game-loving users, we must firstly notice that Game Center app is no longer available in iOS 10. This is a truly upsetting change. Game Center has enabled us to add friends, compete with them, and invite them to play games. It was a great gaming social network. Especially with adding friends on Game Center, we can check their stats any time. We push ourselves to run after each other, or hold the lead very hard, by replaying games frequently.

Even though Game Center app has been removed, there is no need to worry about it. Because we can still add friends on Game Center in iOS 10 with another method. How? Keep Reading this tip.

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How to Add Friends on Game Center in iOS 10 with iMessage

The new solution to how to add friends on Game Center in iOS 10 is basically with the help of iMessage app. But you need learn that because of the removal of Game Center app, now adding friends also must be managed on an individual game-by-game basis. And every game in which you want to add friends must support Game Center. How to tell this? Open the game after you've downloaded it. If Game Center is supported, you'll see the Game Center banner appear at the top of the screen.

Step 1. Find Add Friends button in games. If it exists or is supported, then tap it.

Step 2. Send an invite to your friend via iMessage, inviting them to play the game.

How to Delete Friends on Game Center in iOS 10 in Setting

Game Center app has been transformed to a service in setting when iOS 10 updating. If you would like to delete friends, you can do it in Setting. But just remember that you can only delete all friends at once, not one by one.

Step 1. Open Settings from your Home screen.

Step 2. Tap Game Center.

Step 3. Tap Remove all Game Center Friends.

Step 4. Tap Remove All Friends.

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The Bottom Line

You can try this method now to add friends on your Game Center in iOS 10 again. And if you have any question about it, please leave messages in the comments. By the way, when unfortunately deleting important messages, download PhoneRescue to get them back.

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