2 Methods to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR

In this guide there are two ways to easily and efficiently transfer a playlist onto your iPhone X and iPhone XS(Max)/XR – read about both of them to add iTunes playlists and songs to your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR.

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Download AnyTrans for iOS on your computer firstly, and then follow us to add your favorite playlists to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR without erasing any previous data on your iPhone X.

Playlists are a great way to organize your music and be creative. A well-curated playlist of your favorite tunes is a great way to pass the time, listen to during a run and a quick go-to background music for driving, dinner parties or cozy evenings in. If you love your music, the chances are you’ve spent many hours creating perfect playlists for each mood. When you get a new iPhone XS (Max) or iPhone XR, you’ll likely want to carry these playlists over to the new device.

Here you’ll find the two best methods for importing playlists into your iPhone X and iPhone XS(Max)/XR, so you can carry on enjoying your favorite music wherever you are.

Method 1: How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR with iTunes

The iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR is the latest in a long line of innovative iOS devices. If you upgrade to the newest iPhone from an older model, you have the option to sync previous data from iTunes, so your new phone still contains all your old data and preferences. This includes music playlists that you made in iTunes. The same applies to iPhone users who have made playlists on the desktop version of iTunes: these playlists can be imported too.

Before starting this guide, you need to know that when transferring playlists over from iTunes, you will automatically remove any other iTunes data on the phone. All your existing music, movies, TV shows, books, ringtones, and voice recordings will be erased from your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR and replaced with the content in your iTunes library. To prevent losing your data, you can move to Method 2 part to learn another method.

Now follow these steps to add the playlist to iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR using iTunes:

Step 1: Plug your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR into the computer via USB.

Step 2: Load up iTunes (it may start automatically) and click on the Device icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click Music > Sync Music > Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres > Choose from the Playlists column which playlists you would like to move from your iTunes onto your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR ( for instance, here I selected “Westlife”) > Click Apply and the sync process will begin.

How to Add iTunes Playlists to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR with iTunes

How to Add iTunes Playlists to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR with iTunes

Method 2: How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR without Wiping Any Existing Data

AnyTrans for iOS is a fast, effective and user-friendly tool for managing your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR files from your desktop. With AnyTrans for iOS, you can move content between devices, between your device and your PC/Mac, or clone your device onto others without having to use iTunes – which can be a hassle and doesn’t always work properly.

Easily add your playlists to iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR without erasing your other data by installing AnyTrans today. Follow these steps to effectively add playlists with this useful tool.

Step 1: Download and install AnyTrans for iOS.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2: Connect your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR to your computer via USB and open AnyTrans.

Step 3: Access your iTunes library by clicking on the iTunes Library tab.

How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR – Step 3

How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR – Step 3

Step 4: You now have access to your entire iTunes library. Click Playlist and select the playlists and songs you want to transfer, and then click the To Device button in the top right-hand corner to transfer your playlist(s) to your iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR.

How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR – Step 4

How to Add Playlist to iPhone X/XS (Max)/XR – Step 4

AnyTrans is a great way to transfer playlists without worrying about removing other data from your iPhone X in the process.

The Bottom Line

While iTunes is the default program used to add playlists to your iOS device, AnyTrans is actually a simpler solution to the problem of how to add playlist to iPhone X/XS(Max)/XR. Whichever method you choose, we hope you enjoy using your iPhone  – and all of your music.


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