How to Backup with iCloud


How to back up your iOS devices with iCloud? How does iCloud work on your iOS devices? Read this article to find the answer.

July 23, 2014


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PhoneRescue - iOS Device Backup Software

PhoneRescue - iOS Device Backup Software

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Why We Need a Backup?

The purpose of creating a backup of your iOS device is so that you have a copy of all your content and personalized settings stored. If something goes wrong with your device or your device gets lost or stolen, you can restore the content from your old device to the new one.

One additional and useful feature of iOS 7 is the ability to back up your iOS device wirelessly, and have the related backup files stored online ("in the cloud"). With this feature, your iOS device can be connected to any Wi-Fi Internet connection, and your primary computer is not needed. Thus, the backup can be done anywhere you want, and you can restore your device from anywhere via Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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When activated, your iOS device automatically creates a backup to iCloud once per day. To achieve that, your iPhone or iPad also needs to be connected to an external power source. At any moment, you can also manually create a backup of your device to iCloud from within Settings. Be sure that your device is running on battery.

How to Backup with iCloud

The process to activate and use the iCloud Backup feature on an iPhone or iPad is same as below:

  • Be sure that your iOS device is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • From the Home Screen, launch Settings.
  • Tap on the iCloud option.
  • Tap on the Storage & Backup option.
  • Tap on the virtual switch that's associated with the iCloud Backup option. Turn the virtual switch to the on position.
  • A new Back Up Now option locates near the bottom of the Storage & Backup screen. Tap on it to create a backup of your iOS device. The backup file will be stored on iCloud.
How to Back up with iCloud

How to Back up with iCloud

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