How to Delete Apps on iPod touch Easily


Want to remove some apps from your iPod touch, this guide introduces you two ways to make it.

May. 25, 2017


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PhoneClean– iOS APP Clean Tool

PhoneClean – iOS Clean Tool

Free download and install the PhoneClean to delete apps from iPod touch. Know the details after reading this article.

Question: "I downloaded a bunch of free apps that looked cool but turned out to be totally useless and stupid. Is there any way I can delete them, and how?"

-- A User from Yahoo Answers

You may have installed a bunch of free apps on your iPod touch to meet you need as the user above. For a long time, there are many unused apps stored on your Phone, and they just swallow a large amount of free space on iPod touch.

You may know that iPod touch free space is limited. But don't know how to delete apps from iPod touch to save space? This iMobie guide gives you two methods to remove apps from iPod touch. Let's get started now.

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Method 1: Delete apps on iPod touch Directly

  • Locate the app you want to delete.
  • Press down lightly on app icon until it wriggles.
  • A delete tag will pop up.
  • Tap the delete tag to delete.

If you have a bunch of free apps, you want to try to delete them one by one. What you need to know is that this way only unloads the app and will still remain some data on your iOS devices. If you think about the way to clear them completely, the method 2 is a good solution for you.

Method 2: Delete Apps on iPod touch with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is an all-in-one cleaning tool to delete the unwanted content (like apps, media, caches, and cookies) completely with a few clicks. PhoneClean could dig around every corner on your iOS device and strike out the unwanted content. It provides 9 versatile tuning tools to facilitate the content on your iPod touch. What's more, it will back up files before doing any scanning and cleaning in case of mistaken deletion.

Free download and install PhoneClean on your PC/Mac, and then connect your iPod touch to PC/Mac via a USB cable.

Step 1. Open it up, and tap on the Toolbox on the homepage. Click on App Clean option.

How to Clear Apps on iPod touch with PhoneClean

How to Clear Apps on iPod touch with PhoneClean

Step 2. Select the apps you want to delete, and click the trash icon.

How to Remove Apps on iPod touch with PhoneClean

How to Remove Apps on iPod touch with PhoneClean

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean is a professional tool to free up the storage space and boost up your iPod touch running speed. Please let us know by leaving a comment if you still have any question, and share it with your friends if this guide is useful for you. Why not give a shot on it now?

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