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How to get rid of cookies on iPhone? If you are bothered by this problem, this guide could help you get out of it.

Mar 09, 2015


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PhoneClean – iPhone Cookies Clean Tool

PhoneClean – iPad Cookies Remove Expert

Free download and install the PhoneClean to delete cookies on iPhone, you will know the details by reading this tutorial.

Enough free space is a critical element to make sure the iPhone operation system run regularly. The longer you use iPhone, the slower you may find it run, and one day it even appears abnormally and crash from time to time. If you want your iPhone to run normal like a new one, then clean up iPhone to free up more space.

Cookies is a kind of data stored on iPhone and could accumulate as time goes by.It could swallow a lot of space you value most. You may know the common ways to free up space by deleting videos, photos, and music ,but have no idea about what to do with cookies. How to delete cookies from iPhone?

In this guide, we will introduce you a professional tool – iMobie PhoneClean. It could help you to clear cookies, caches, and other useless files. Let us know more about what we could do with this tool from this iMobie guide.

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A Brief Introduction to iMobie PhoneClean

PhoneClean is a desktop available both for Mac and PC, and offers a one-stop solution to clear out unwelcome trash files from iOS device.

1. Allows you to removing unwanted junk files(covering cookies, caches, temp files etc.) and private data (like call history, messages and browser history, Safari history etc.) to free up adequate space.

2. Supports deeply scanning around every corner of iOS device and deleting these useless data to speed up your iPhone with just a few clicks. No matter how many years you have used your iPhone, PhoneClean makes it run like new.

3. Supports creating backups prior to any cleaning action to restore the significant data because of mistaken deletion. And all backups are well organized.

Free Download PhoneClean to Give it a Try >

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone

PhoneClean is an efficient tool to clean up iOS device, so as to free up storage space and protect privacy from leaking. Free Download and install the appropriate version of PhoneClean on your Mac/PC.

Step 1. Run PhoneClean on computer and connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Remove iPhone App Cookies by using Quick Clean. (Only available to iOS 8.2 or earlier)

Go to Quick Clean page at PhoneClean > Click Scan button > Go to "Review Detail" on App Junk category to select only App Cookies item, and go back to remove them by click "Clean".

Delete App Cookies on iPhone with PhoneClean

Delete App Cookies on iPhone with PhoneClean

Step 3. Delete Safari Cookies by using Internet Clean.

Tap Internet Clean > Scan Safari Junks by clicking "Scan" button > Review Detail under Safari Junk and select only Safari cookies > Go back by clicking "Back" button at the top-left corner > Click "Clean" to get rid of selected Safari cookies.

Delete Safari Cookies on iPhone with PhoneClean

Delete Safari Cookies on iPhone with PhoneClean

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean is designed to meet your desire of cleaning up your iOS device to free up storage space as you wish. If you still have any question on your mind, please inform us by leaving a comment, and we will reply you as soon as possible. If this tutorial is useful for you, please kindly share it with your friends and family. Why not give a shot on it now?

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