How to Clear Disk Space on iPhone iPad


How to clean disk space on iPhone iPad? In order to help you solve this problem, this tutorial introduces you a good solution.

Mar. 25, 2015


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PhoneClean–Clear Disk Space on iPhone iPad Tool

PhoneClean – iOS Clear Tool

PhoneClean is an award-winning program to aid you to clean disk space on iPhone. Please read on this guide to know the process.

Apple store provides us all kinds of app to download and install them on iPhone & iPad, to meet our different demands. We are likely to use these Apps to download movies,download videos & songs, play games and search information. All the actions we have taken on our iPhone iPad swallow a lot of disk space. However,the disk space on iPhone & iPad is infinite. Your iPhone iPad will stop working properly because of the shortage of disk space.

How to clear disk space on iPhone & iPad? We will introduce you an easy and quick tool to clear disk space in this guide.To help you get enough disk space on iPhone, we will recommend you a powerful iPhone cleaning tool – PhoneClean, and also offers you a detailed guide about how to clear disk space on iPhone with PhoneClean.

A Brief Introduction to iMobie PhoneClean

PhoneClean is an all-around cleaning tool to reclaim up more space on iPhone & iPad and clear our private data in case of accidental leakage.

1. Supports cleaning the unwanted junk files and privacy like search history of browsing history or Safari history, messages, call history, etc.

2. Supports detecting deeply and striking out the unwanted content to improve the performance of iPhone & iPad and protect the private data from leaking like search history or even confidential business secret.

3. Let the user restore the data they want by creating backups.

How to Clear Disk Space on iPhone & iPad with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is a professional eraser to clean out disk space on iOS device. Download and install it freely, and connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac.

Step 1. On Quick Clean, click scan, PhoneClean will quickly scan all of app junks, photo caches and large & old files on your iPhone or iPad. (Notice that you can’t use PhoneClean to remove app junks if your device is in iOS 8.3 or higher)

How to clear disk space on iPhone & iPad – Step 1

How to clear disk space on iPhone & iPad – Step 1

Step 2. After scanning, you could click "Review Detail" on each category and select items that you want to delete. After that, go back to the page as the screenshot shows, and click "Clean" button to delete them and free up your iPhone disc space.

How to clear disk space on iPhone & iPad – Step 2

How to clear disk space on iPhone & iPad – Step 2

If you would like to clean out some private data on your iOS device, You can use Privacy Clean. The Process is the same as above steps. And you can also use PhoneClean feature - Toolbox to clear out the content like photos, media, and apps.

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean is a good cleaner to dig around every corner on your iOS device. If you still have any question on your mind, please freely tell us by leaving a comment. If you find this tutorial is very useful, please share it with your lovely friends and family.

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