How to Clear Your History on iPod/iPod touch


How to erase history on iPod/iPod touch? Read this iMobie guide to get an easy and fast solution.

May. 23, 2017


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PhoneClean– iPod History Clean Tool

PhoneClean – iPod History Clean Expert

PhoneClean is an all-inclusive iOS device cleaner that frees up your iPod's storage space. Free download and install it on you Mac/PC to have a try.

iPod is very easy to carry around than iPad. People would like to use iPod to enjoy music, watch videos. iPod touch is the only iPod that runs iOS – Apple's mobile operating system. This makes iPod touch fitted with more powerful functions than other iPods. You can enjoy the built-in apps like Safari, Messages, and also install all kinds of Apps.

You may like to use iPod touch to search for information you need, and text imessages with your friends or your business partner. All your operations are stored on iPod touch, and it will pile up with time. All of them stand for your privacy, so it is essential that you should clear them thoroughly before discarding or selling it. How to delete history on your iPod to protect your privacy firstly?

Many users are likely to delete files from iPod by tapping the delete button or just restoring the device to factory settings. While neither of them can wipe the data completely, these data can be recovered by using some third-party data recovery tools. Therefore in this guide we will introduce you an easy and quick tool to clear history on iPod permanently.

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A Brief Introduction to iMobie PhoneClean

PhoneClean is a profession tool to refresh and clean up your iOS device. You will find that it will boost up the speed and fluidity of your iOS device operating system.

  • Supports compatible with all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. And erasing the unwanted content (like browsing history, Safari history, messages, app caches, app cookies, temp files etc.) to free up storage space and wipe private data.
  • Supports digging around corner of your iPod touch and striking out the unwanted content. Naturally, it will permanently clear the contents like history on iPod touch with a single click.
  • Creates full backups prior to any cleaning action in case of mistaken deletion. You could use the restore mode on the homepage to get them back.

How to Clear Your History on iPod/iPod touch with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is an all-around cleaner for iOS devices. Free download and install PhoneClean on your PC/Mac to erase history on iPod/iPod touch. Open it up and connect your iPod to PC/Mac.

Step 1. After starting PhoneClean, select the Internet Clean icon on the homepage.

Step 2. Click Scan button.

How to Clean History on iPod/iPod touch

How to Clean History on iPod/iPod touch

Step 3. Preview and select the Safari history you want to delete, and click Clean button.

Clean History on iPod/iPod touch

Clean History on iPod/iPod touch

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean is designed by considering the real demand of users. It turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a risk-free handheld device. If you still have any question, please don't hesitate to inform us by leaving a comment. If this guide is very useful, please share it with your friends. Why not give a shot on it now?

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