How to Clear Safari History on iPhone


How to delete Safari history on your iPhone? You could not find the right solution, just read this guide then you will find an answer you need.

Mar 02, 2015


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PhoneClean – How to Clear Safari History on iPhone

PhoneClean – Clear iOS Safari History Tool

Free download and install PhoneClean right before you get started with this tutorial on how to clear Safari history on iPhone.

When it comes to getting some information, search for information from Internet is the prior way to the majority of us, especial for students who like to surf the Internet. When hang out with friends or even stay at home, you just like to use iPhone to surf the Internet with safari, you are not the only one to behave like this. People tend to use smartphone to acquire knowledge instead of desktop and laptop even at hand. You should realize that safari history stored on your iPhone could be seen by other people. Sometimes you just lend your iPhone to a friend or a family member for a while, and should take notice of your web browsing operation traces,they may be leaked.

What kind of action should you take to protect your privacy? This guide will introduce you two ways.

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Method 1: Clear Safari History on an iPhone

1. Launch the setting app

2. Scroll down and then tap on Safari

3. Scroll down and tap on clear cookies and data

This is the most common way to delete safari history, however you just need to delete a particular one not all of them and sometimes find that you couldn't restore some important safari history data cleared by accident. Then the Method2 below is the exact way for you.

Method 2: Clear safari history with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is a solider and cleaner to protect your privacy and free up your device storage. It offers you an all-around and risk-free iOS cleaning and optimization solution and eliminates junk files (like app caches, app cookies, temp files etc.) and personal information (covering call history, browsing history, safari history, messages etc.). This tool could even create backups before doing any cleaning step to give you a chance to restore your mistakenly deleting data.

Download and install this tool on your computer/Mac. Open it up and connect your iPhone to PC/Mac via a USB cable.

Step 1. Download PhoneClean and run it. Select Internet Clean and connect your iPhone or iPad, and click the scan button.

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 1

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2. When the scanning is over, double click Safari Junks and Browsing Histories to view and select the items you want to delete, and then back to the result page.

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 2

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 2

Step 3. Click the Clean button.

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 3

How to Clear Safari History on iPhone – Step 3

The Bottom Line

PhoneClean would be a wonderful tool to meet your demand. Why not give a try on it now. If you still have any question, just freely let us know by leaving a comment. If this guide is helpful, just share it with your friends.

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