How to Clone All Data to an iPad


How to Clone an iPad? This tutorial will show you how to clone everything from one iPad to another, covering contacts, notes, messages, photos, wallpapers, etc.

Apr. 5, 2016


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AnyTrans – Best Way to Clone an iPad

AnyTrans – Best iPad Content Clone Tool

Get the free trial of AnyTrans to manage iOS content on iPhone or iPad with ease. Now read on this guide to learn how to clone an iPad by transferring everything to it.

Q: "How can I "clone" one iPad's contents to another? I was recently given 2 iPad for my classroom, and have set one of them up and it's ready to go as I'd like it to be. I would like to have the second one set up exactly the same way - but...well, how might I do this?

-- A User from Reddit

It is not exaggerated to say that Apple’s iPad is one of the world's most advanced tablets. If you just got yourself a span-new iPad Pro with 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch screen, and want to get everything on your old iPad 2 to the new one like photos, notes, contacts, even the wallpapers, you need to read this guide. Performing the tedious backup and restore work with iTunes or iCloud is not the way we will talk. Here we will show you a three-step solution to clone the old iPad to your new iPad.

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The Tool We Will Use

What we need to clone your iPad is a powerful iOS content manager, AnyTrans, which makes it very easy to clone iPad to new iPad. Now check the main features of AnyTrans.

  • It manages to clone almost all iOS content to another iDevice, including Music, Playlists, Movies, Ringtones, Voice Memos, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Video, Photos, Notes, Message, Contacts, Calendar, Call History and App.
  • It even supports cloning wallpapers, iCloud account, sounds and more from an iPad to another.
  • It lets you freely choose what items to clone without worrying about overwriting any other items not selected.
  • It also allows you to directly transfer data from iDevice to iDevice, iDevice to Computer, and Computer to iDevice.

Three-step to Clone an iPad with AnyTrans

Now download and install AnyTrans on your computer. There are two versions of AnyTrans for you: Windows & Mac.

Step 1. Launch AnyTrans and connect your two iPads to computer.

Step 2. Go to the manage page of the iPad with content you want to clone. Click the Clone option. Confirm that you want to clone your iPad, and click Next.

How to Clone an iPad with AnyTrans

How to Clone an iPad with AnyTrans

Step 3. Select the items you want to clone, and click Start.

How to Clone an iPad with AnyTrans

How to Clone an iPad with AnyTrans

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Note: Once you start cloning, please don't disconnect your iPad. And the personal settings like wallpaper, sounds, iCloud account will be automatically cloned to your new iPad.

The Bottom Line

If you have just upgraded to a new iPad, you might want to clone some data to it, and AnyTrans is the best option to go. If you have any question on this guide or AnyTrans, please let us know via Email. Try AnyTrans Now!

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