How to Customize iCloud to Work with Apps


Do you know how to customize iCloud to work with your apps after you set up iCloud? Read this article to find the answer right now.


July 21, 2014


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It's important to understand that the app-related synchronization feature offered by iCloud is different from iCloud Backup.

When you set up iCloud to work with a specific compatible app, that app automatically connects to iCloud, and then uploads or downloads app-related files or data as needed. iCloud then syncs that app-specific data with your other computers and devices that are linked to the same iCloud account.

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How To Customize Your Compatible iCloud Apps

  • Tap on the iCloud option on the Setting interface of your iPhone or iPad.
  • At the top of the iCloud menu screen, make sure the Apple ID–linked email address that's associated with your iCloud account is displayed next to the Account option.
  • All preinstalled iCloud-compatible apps are below the Account option. To the right of each app is a virtual on/off switch. Tap the switch to the on position to turn on a specific app.
  • How to Customize iCloud to Work with Your Apps

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  • When you have turned on the iCloud functionality for all the apps that you want to be able to synchronize via iCloud, save the change by press the Home button to exit Setting.
  • Repeat this process on all your iOS devices to get all iCloud-compatible apps synchronized via iCloud on your iOS devices.

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