How Can I Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes


Have quite a few duplicate songs in iTunes and want to give it a clean up? This page will show you how to delete duplicates in iTunes with easy & fast.


Dec 10, 2012


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With a bunch of new features, we are glad to see iTunes 11 could be so speeding and easy to use. But to some iTunes veterans, one BIG issue is that - Where is Display Duplicates feature in iTunes 11? Here is a detailed tutorials about how to remove duplicate songs in iTunes fast.

Before starting, it is noteworthy that you may find numerous guides on this topic, e.g. iTunes Match, Downgrade iTunes to version 10, or you can manually remove these duplicated iTunes tracks. So we just focus on how to delete duplicated music in iTunes with a fast and convenience way.

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How to Remove Duplicated Songs in iTunes

Two Things You'll Need:

  • An iPod or iPhone or iPad, which you sync them with your current iTunes;
  • AnyTrans - An iTunes Rebuilder tool helps you easily rip all songs on devices back to iTunes.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes in Three Steps

Step 1: Create a new iTunes library: Hold on Shift key; double click the iTunes shortcut icon, and you'll see a pop up window; Select Create Library.

Create a new iTunes library

Step 2: Download AnyTrans. Install it on your computer; connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes – Step 1s

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes – Step 1

Step 3: On Homepage of AnyTrans > Select Audio > Click Music > Select all the songs on your iPhone > Click To iTunes button to transfer all the music from iPhone to iTunes library.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes with AnyTrans – Step 2

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes with AnyTrans – Step 2

After transferring all tracks, the rebuilt iTunes library will be completely clean. So if you feel the old library does not help any more. You can just remove it on your computer to save storage space.

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