How to Delete Files on Mac Safely


How to delete files on Mac in a safe way? Here you will get two methods to erase files on Mac.


May 05, 2015


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MacClean – Safe Way to Delete Files on Mac

MacClean – Free Mac Cleaning Tool

Free download MacClean on your Mac computer to delete unwanted files on Mac after reading this guide on how to delete files on Mac.

At any time, you can freely deleted unwanted files on a Mac. If you are a Mac newbie and wondering how to delete files on your new Mac, you can get two easy ways in this guide.

You'd better turn on Time Machine before you deleting any unwanted files on your Mac to store a backup copy on in case that you change your mind and want the item later.

How to Delete Files on Mac

How to Delete Files on Mac

How to Delete a File on Mac Directly

Step 1. Find the folder you want to delete, and drag the item to the Trash. Or select the item, right click your mouse, and select Move to Trash.

Step 2. Right click the Trash, then click Empty Trash. You can also choose Finder > Secure Empty Trash to completely delete files on Mac.

Step 3. When you see a warning message, click Empty Trash to erase files on your Mac.

Another alternative way to erase files on Mac is using a free Mac cleaning software named MacClean, which manages to safely erase the files you unwanted on Mac and quickly empty the trash in one click. Besides this, MacClean also supports find out the duplicates on your Mac and allows you to delete them. Better still, it makes you more room by removing kinds of junk files including Internet junk, user junk, system junk, and application junk from your Mac.

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How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean

MacClean is a free and easy-to-use cleaning tool made for all Mac computers. Now free download it before reading the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1. Run MacClean and select Cleanup Tools, and then choose File Eraser.

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 1

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 1

Step 2. Click Add Files to add a file or folder you want to delete from Mac. Or you can drag folders you need to delete to MacClean directly.

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 2

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 2

Step 3. Click Erase to remove files from your Mac.

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 3

How to Erase Files on Mac with MacClean – Step 3

The Bottom Line

Deleting unwanted files on Mac is a quite simple task, and to keep your Mac always in its best state, you should try MacClean. If this guide helps, you can share it with your friends. If you have any questions on this guide or MacClean, please let us know in the comment section.

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