How to Download Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X for Free


How to download videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X? Here in this post, a free video downloader is introduced to help you add videos to iPhone 8.


Sep. 25, 2017


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AnyTrans – Help You Download Videos to iPhone 8(Plus)/X

AnyTrans – #1 Video Downloader

For any videos from any websites, AnyTrans could help you download them to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X. Get it now and use it download videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X for free.

In the bus, subway or coffee shop, you can see a lot of people watching videos. If you also love watching videos, then upgrade to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X is a wise choice. The new iPhone 8 (Plus)/X with True Tone technology could adjust white balance to match the light around you and provide better video viewing experience. Why not add more videos to your iPhone 8 (Plus)/X?

However, you know that some videos are just not downloadable or not compatible with iPhone 8 (Plus)/X, under this circumstance, you will need the help of a powerful video downloader like AnyTrans.

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The Tool You Need to Add Videos on iPhone 8 (Plus)/X

Developed by iMobie team, AnyTrans is a professional video downloader which could help you download videos online to your iPhone 8 (Plus)/X. Here are reasons why you will need AnyTrans.

1. It enables you to download all kinds of videos from 900+ mainstream websites, like YouTube, BBC, Instagram, Break.

2. It supports downloading videos of any formats and while downloading videos on iPhone 8 (Plus)/X, AnyTrans could automatically transfer videos to device-supported formats, which means you can download videos without any format barrier.

3. It could cut pre-roll ads for you, offering you pure video-viewing experience.

4. It is easy and free to use AnyTrans to download videos.

How to Download Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X for Free

Step 1. Free Download AnyTrans then connect your iPhone 8 (Plus)/X to computer (PC/Mac). Click the Video Download tab.

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 1

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 1

Step 2. Paste the URL of the video to the blank square, select your iPhone 8 as destination, then click Download button.

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 2

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 2

Step 3. A few minutes later, videos would be downloaded to your iPhone 8 (Plus)/X. While downloading, you can click the button at the top right corner to check the downloading process. If downloading failed, please try to download the video again by clicking the restart button.

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 3

How to Add Videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X - Step 3

1. The downloading time very depends on the size of the video.

2. Downloaded videos can be found in Videos app on your iPhone 8 (Plus)/X.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is just so easy to download videos to iPhone 8 (Plus)/X with AnyTrans and this free video downloader is surely worth trying. In fact, after downloading, AnyTrans could also help you transfer videos on iPhone 8 (Plus)/X to another iOS device. So, why not download it now and start your nice journey of video downloading.

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