How to Edit Video on iPhone in 3 Ways

How to edit videos on iPhone? This post shows you the best video editor for iPhone and talks about 3 essential ways to edit iPhone videos.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 22, 2020

Apple products are known for its best quality. As Apple says iPhone XS shoots the highest‑quality video of any smartphone. Extended dynamic range in videos up to 30 fps. So here we have brought tips how you can edit your videos on iPhone. To do that you can use Apple in-built apps like Photos and iMovie. If you are looking for an easy way to edit videos then here we have brought you best video editor for iPhone that will help you to edit your videos easily.

Part 1. How to Edit Videos on iPhone with iMovie

As we know, iMovie on Mac helps edit videos, and you can also use iMovie for iOS to edit videos on iPhone. iMovie video editing is easy to edit video clips in the photos app on your iPhone. You can use the iMovie editing tools for trimming a video clip or adding filters, music, and titles.

How to Edit Videos on iPhone with iMovie

Step 1. Tap on the video clip which you want to edit.

Step 2. Then click on edit, to show the editing tools.

Step 3. Click on the More Options then tap on iMovie from the list.

Step 4. If the iMovie option is not there then tap more to add iMovie to your list.

If you want to trim a video clip follow the steps:

Step1. Tap on the video which you want to edit with iMovie editing tools.

Step 2. Click on Trim Button and drag the yellow trim handle to shorten the clip.

Step 3. When you are done with editing then tap on Done to export your clip to your gallery.

Part 2. How to Edit Videos on iPhone with Photos

Photos is an inbuilt app on iPhone, which helps you to navigate all photos and videos. From Photos app you can directly share the pictures on social networks. You can also directly edit the look, add the filter, fix redeye, and can also crop them.

Photos app is not just for editing pictures, it also has an inbuilt feature of video trimming. Which means you can also trim videos like can remove a few seconds which you don’t want or can cut the unintentional time in the end. In this, you can save it as a new clip so that you can take all your favorite videos and then use them as you want.

How to Edit Videos on iPhone with Photos

How to Edit Videos on iPhone with Photos

Step 1. First of all launch the Photos App from the home screen. Click on the video which you want to edit.

Step 2. At the top right screen, there is an edit option click on it. (It will be three horizontal lines with a dot on it)

Step 3. Then tap and hold on the right or left the side of the timeline to start the trimming tool. To trim drag the anchor right or left.

Step 4. To expand the timeline for more editing, tap and hold an anchor.

Step 5. Then click on the DONE button which is at the bottom right of the screen, and click on Save As New Clip or Trim Original to replace the clip.

Here are some disadvantages of iMovie and Photos app on iPhone on editing videos, that’s why we also offer you a versatile and powerful video editor to edit videos on iPhone in Part 3.

Disadvantages of Photos

  • You can not change extensions
  • No option to change the resolution
  • No option to join two different videos together
  • You can not crop videos
  • You can only Trim Videos

Disadvantages Of iMovie

  • Users should have full attention on their project when editing a movie
  • iMovie is only available for Mac and iOS, you can’t edit iPhone videos with iMovie on WindowsPC
  • You can only add 18 clips
  • The layout is not user-friendly

To overcome all disadvantages of Photos and iMovie you should try an alternative to Photos and iMovie to edit your iPhone videos on both PC and Mac computer easily. Keep reading to check out.

Part 3. Best Option to Edit Your iPhone Videos on Window & Mac Computer

If you want to edit your iPhone videos without barrier, you can consider editing them on computer. Because normally desktop editing software offer more features and functions than mobile Apps, and you also can do more with them. Movavi, as the best video editor working on Mac & Windows computer, is fitted with many outstanding features that are not installed with Photos or iMovie, like:

  • You can add effects and music to your video, and you can easily crop your videos as you like.
  • More than 180 extensions are available, and you can add unlimited clips.
  • It helps you to make professional look movies and slideshows on your computer.
  • It creates text captions, applies visual effects and transitions, and incorporates music. That means you can do whatever you want with your video, it is your choice.
  • This software has a powerful video converter which supports 180+ media formats, a special tool for digitizing video and much more.
Best Video Editor for iPhone on Windows and Mac

Best Video Editor for iPhone on Windows and Mac

Here are simple steps on how to use Movavi to edit videos on computer:

First of all, to import videos from your iPhone to your PC or Mac computer, you can read this guide: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer. Then follow the steps below to edit your iPhone videos with Movavi easily:

Step 1. First of all choose what you want to make, a slideshow, movie, capture video, or record yourself on webcam.

Step 2. Create your video and audio better.

Step 3. Apply Intriguing video effects.

Step 4. Let the music play, and then add captions and labels.

Step 5. Save your movie, so you can watch it anywhere.

The Bottom Line

If you are still editing your videos on iPhone then we would just like to inform you that editing videos on iPhone have a lot of restrictions and disadvantages. That’s why we recommend trying a system based Video Editor software. Movavi Video Editor is available for Mac & Windows both Operating System. The best part of it you can add unlimited clips and you can edit your videos as the professional editor does. Everything is inbuilt in this Video Editor and very easy to use.

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