How to Find Lost Media & Downloads in iTunes


Sometimes you cannot find some media files or downloads in iTunes and that is because iTunes failed to locate that file, or the download has not been completed yet. Read on to find a solution.


Apr 08, 2013


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Find Lost Media & Downloads in iTunes

Find Lost Media & Downloads in iTunes

Switching iTunes library to another folder or terminating a download in the midway may cause the lost of media and downloads in iTunes. If you cannot find some media content or downloads, follow steps in this article to get them back.

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Part 1: Resume and complete iTunes downloads

Open iTunes > Choose Store > Check for Available Downloads from the iTunes menu > Then iTunes will automatically search and resume any interrupted downloads. Tips: all these downloads are associated with your Apple ID.

Resume and complete iTunes downloads

Part 2: Check if the lost media file exists in iTunes folder

Somehow the missing media file might be deleted or removed from iTunes media folder. To check it up, you can right click the item > Show in Windows Explorer > If it doesn't exist in iTunes media folder, the program will remind you of locating it:

Check if Bonjour Service is running

Click Locate > in a popup window, you can browse the computer and library to find that lost media file.

Tip: If you failed to find the file or just forget it, do check your Recycle Bin to see if it has been removed by mistakenly. If so, you can simply restore it and drag-n-drop it to iTunes if necessary.

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