How to Fix iOS 10 Connectivity Issues


This guide will tell you some methods to fix iOS 10 connectivity issues, including cellular connection issue, Wi-Fi connection issue and Bluetooth connection issue.

Sep. 26, 2016


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It has been a few days since the public release of iOS 10, and many users have already updated their iPhone or iPad to this brand new operating system. People are fond of its new features like the Bubble in iMessages, the bedtime wake up alarm and so on.

At the same time, many users also reported quite a few iOS 10 problems after updating their iPhone or iPad, including the connectivity issues. People say that their iPhone show No Service after iOS 10 update, won’t connect iPhone to cellular & Wi-Fi, or have trouble with Bluetooth connection. Here in this guide we will help you fix those iOS 10 connectivity problems. Let’s get it on.

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1. How to Fix No Service After iOS 10 Update

Many T-Mobile customers met this problem after the update. The good news is that, Apple and T-Mobile have already pushed a new update settings to solve the issue. So you can go to Settings > General > About to get the fix. The following are some other solutions.

Solution 1: Take out your SIM card and then reinsert it after a few seconds.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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2. How to Fix iOS 10 Cellular Connectivity Issue

Solution 1: First turn Cellular off and then turn it on after a few seconds.

Solution 2: Check out Carrier update. Settings > General > About.

Solution 3: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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3. How to Fix iOS 10 Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Solution 1: First go to Settings > Wi-Fi to have a check if it is on.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings. Then try to connect the Wi-Fi again, and you need to input the Wi-Fi password.

Solution 3: Check out your Wi-Fi router. You can switch off router and then turn it on to have a try.

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4. How to Fix iOS 10 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Solution 1: Go to have a check whether you have turned it on.

Solution 2: Re-pair the iDevice you connect. Settings > Bluetooth > Choose the device you are having issues with > Tap the info button next to the device > Tap Forget This Device.

Solution 3: Make sure your device and Bluetooth accessory are close to each other.

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5. Other Methods to Fix iOS 10 Connectivity Issues

Solution 1: Reset your iPhone/iPad. Press and hold down the Home button and wake/sleep button until your device restart with Apple logo.

Solution 2: Restore your iPhone/iPad. Restore your device from iTunes or iCloud. Remember backup your device firstly.

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The Bottom Line

Hope this guide can help you fix iOS 10 connection problems successfully. If you have any other idea, you can share it in Comment Section. Now have a try on AnyTrans!

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