How to Fix iOS 12 iMessage not Working Easily

Found that iMessage is not working on your iPhone or iPad after updating to iOS 12? Here in this article, we’ll show you some troubleshooting tips to fix the issue of iOS 12 iMessge not working.

By Abby Walsh | Posted on: Sep. 17, 2018, Last Updated: Mar. 05, 2019
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You can use Apple’s iMessage service to send and receive text messages, video and audio, so when your iOS 12 iMessage is not working your messaging abilities are limited. You can usually see your iMessage not working in iOS 12 after installing updates to the operating system or other software.

Also, you can find some iMessage effects not working in iOS 12 after you change certain settings or a buggy update is installed. Bear in mind that iOS 21 is still in beta, which means lots of software tweaks come with each new software update, which in turn may cause more frequent issues with the iMessage app.

Common Problems with iOS 12 iMessage Not Working

As we said, the most frequent reasons for the iMessage to stop working is a faulty update to the iOS 12 or another app by Apple or a third-party developer. You may also experience troubles with iMessage if your carrier does not support this messaging service or if you switch to a non-Apple phone.

When using multiple Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you may also experience issues with iMessage on one or more of these devices. This is usually due to improperly configured Apple ID and device settings that prevent you from getting and sending messages and makes you believe the iOS 12 iMessage is not working.

In reality, you can easily return your iMessage service to normal operation in iOS 12 by following a number of simple steps.

Why iOS 12 iMessage not Working

The iOS 12 is still in beta and you cannot expect that it will provide the same seamless experience an official release will provide. Apple users report problems with certain features and services in iOS 12 on a daily basis; including reports that iMessage is not working in iOS 12.

You should be aware that iMessage could stop working due to issues with third-party software, not Apple’s operating systems or built-in apps. Any app you install may interfere with the messaging service causing your iOS 12 iMessage to stop working.

Different connectivity problems are another factor to consider. Then you have possible problems with certain carriers not supporting one service and feature or another. If you are a frequent traveler, you must be aware that certain telecoms may not support iMessage in part or in full.

How to Fix iOS 12 iMessage not Working on iPhone/iPad

Fixing your iMessage not working in iOS 12 is quite a simple process in most cases. The available fixes are listed below along with detailed steps to restore the iMessage service back to operation.

Tip 1. Turn Off and On iMessage

Go to Settings and tap on iMessage > Turn off iMessage and then wait for a while > Turn on iMessage.

Tip 2. Sign Out and Login Back to iMessage

Tip 3. Check Network Connection (Message Not Delivered Symbol)

Fix iMessage not Working - Check Network Connection

Fix iMessage not Working – Check Network Connection

Tip 4. Check Apple ID Settings

Fix iMessage not Working - Check Apple ID Settings

Fix iMessage not Working – Check Apple ID Settings

Tip 5. Check Date & Time

Tip 6. Check Third-party Software

Tip 7. Reset settings.

Tip 8. Factory Reset (Backup your data in advance)

After factory reset iPhone, all your current data include messages will be erased. If you want to recover these erased messages, just read this to get 6 easy methods to recover lost messages from iPhone.

The Bottom Line

Recovering from a situation when you have your iOS 12 iMessage not working should be successful once you try one or more of the fixes described above. At any rate, you should not worry if iMessage is not working in iOS 12 because applying one or another of these fixes will restore your messaging service back to operation.

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