How to Fix iOS 10 Download Problems


Confused about issues downloading iOS 10? This guide will tell you how to fix the annoying iOS 10 download problems.

Sep. 27, 2016


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Unlike some Apple users who updated to the new iOS 10 the first time, you may tend to wait for a period after the public release. That’s because you want to avoid some iOS 10 update problems that you have heard before. However, although you have made full preparation before downloading the new operating system, you can still meet issues downloading iOS 10. Here in this guide we collect the most common iOS 10 download problems and also offer you the solutions. Let’s get it on.

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1. Fix iOS 10 Downloading Error

It may happen when you are trying to download iOS 10 over the air. The error message says: Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 10. Just read the following solutions to fix this iOS 10 download issue.

Solution 1: Tap Close and try again. Select Close to exist this error message, and then tap Download and Install after a few minutes. If you still get the error message, you can also wait for a few hours. There might be too many people download iOS 10 the same time, and the server is overwhelmed.

Solution 2: Update iOS 10 via iTunes. If you do not do how to make it, then you can read this guide to get the detailed steps.

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2. Fix iOS 10 Download Gets Stuck

Many users have reported this iOS 10 download issue. The fix is quite simple. When the iOS 10 download/installation gets stuck or frozen, you can perform a reset. Press and hold down the Home button and wake/sleep button until your device restart.

3. Fix Stuck on Verifying

Generally, when you update your device over the air, it will take a few minutes to finish the verifying procedure. But you see the “Verifying update…” screen over hours. Read the following part to get the methods to fix this iOS 10 download issue.

Solution 1: Press the wake/sleep button to lock your device, and then wake it. Perform this action at least 5-10 times.

Solution 2: Reset your iPhone/iPad by pressing Home button and wake/sleep button together.

Solution 3: First make a backup and then perform a restore with iTunes.

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4. Fix Software Server Cloud Not Be Contacted

This iOS 10 download problem may happen when you are trying to update iOS 10 via iTunes. It says: The iPhone/iPad software update server could not be contacted. Here are the solutions.

Solution 1: Wait and retry. There may be a lot of people waiting for the update, you can restart iTunes and try it later.

Solution 2: Check your network connection. Open a browser to see whether you can load a webpage. If the network settings are correct, then restart your computer to have a try.

Solution 3: Download and install iOS 10 over the air. If you can’t download iOS 10 all the time, then you can update your device over the air.

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The Bottom Line

Hope this guide can help you fix iOS 10 download problems successfully. If you meet other issues downloading iOS 10 or have any new ideas, please share it in Comment Section. It may help other people. Now have a free try on AnyTrans >

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