Fix: iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update When Upgrading to iOS 13/12/11

It’s very likely to stick on “Verifying Update” screen when downloading new iOS, including the latest iOS 13/12/11/10. Read on to learn some potential methods to fix it.

By Joy Taylor | Posted on: Sep. 17, 2018, Last Updated: Aug. 12, 2019

When downloading a new iOS on your iPhone/iPad over the air (directly in Settings), you will see “Verifying Update…” screen. Generally, it takes a few minutes to finish the verifying procedure, and you will be able to download the iOS update. But some people may accidentally be stuck on this window for endless hours while updating to iOS 13 (beta), or iOS 12.4.

iOS 12 Unable to Verify Update

iPhone iPad Stuck on Verifying Update

This iOS update error may be easily fixed itself after some minutes cause the new update is just debuted for millions of Apple users, so there are so many people are trying to download the new iOS 13 (beta) or iOS 12.4, and the server may be busy, overload or down. Surely, this issue may be an accident, and there are some other methods you can have a try to get out of this iPhone verifying update problem. Now follow us to have a try.

Part 1. Preparations Before Getting Started

Fortunately, fixing iOS 13/12/11 stuck on verifying update issue on iPhone or iPad is not a hard job for almost all cases. Before we start, be sure of the following:

With all that said, we will show you some quick solutions worth trying in the following part.

Part 2. Fix iOS 11/12/13 Stuck on Verifying Update

Solution 1. Lock and Wake Your iDevice

Solution 2. Hard Reset Your iPhone/iPad

Do a hard reset of the iOS device can fix many common iPhone iPad issues in the new iOS version. Here is how to perform a hard reset:

If you are using iPhone 7 or earlier:

  1. Press and hold the theLock/Wake button on the right side of your iPhone.
  2. Press and hold down the Volume Down button on the left side while keeping the Lock/Wake button pressed.
  3. Keep holding both the buttons until the screen turns black and then switches back on to display the Apple Logo.
  4. Wait for a couple of seconds until your iPhone boots up completely and displays the Lock screen.

If you are using iPhone 8 or later:

  1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  2. Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side button (Sleep/Wake button) until you see the Apple logo.
Hard Reset iPhone 8 or Later

Hard Reset iPhone 8 or Later

Solution 3. Delete iOS Update File and Download it Again

This method works for plenty of iOS users to fix the iPhone iPad stuck on verifying update issue. Simply deleting the iOS update file from your iDevice and downloading the update file again.

Delete iOS Update File and Download it Again

Delete iOS Update File and Download it Again

Solution 4. Restore with iTunes

It is worth mentioning that restoring with iTunes will erase all the existing data on your device. If you have kept lots of important files on your device, or have made no available backup of your device, then this method is not recommended.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

Restore iPhone with iTunes

Solution 5. Update with iTunes

If the above solutions not working, you can update manually using iTunes on a computer that you trust. Here’s how to update your device with iTunes:

Update iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Update iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Solution 6: Put iPhone into DFU Mode

DFU mode is the last solution for the iDevice to troubleshoot some iOS update issues. DFU mode can help you get your iPhone iPad or iPod touch back into working order, putting them into a state where it can still communicate with iTunes on your computer.

Put iPhone into DFU Mode

Put iPhone into DFU Mode

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