Top 5 Easy Fixes for iPhone iPad Calendar Not Working Issues


This post aims at telling you how to fix iPhone iPad Calendar not working issues. If Calendar on your iPhone/iPad is not working, this guide is exactly what you need.


Nov. 28, 2017


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AnyTrans – Best iPhone iPad Calendar Manager

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There are many issues you might encounter while using Calendar app on iPhone iPad, like iPhone Calendar not syncing with iCloud/Gmail/Outlook, iPhone calendars disappeared. Here is one email we got from one iPhone user.

The Calendar is not working on my iPhone. It worked well, but all of sudden, after putting a new event on my iPhone, the new event doesn’t appear anywhere. Moreover, after adding a calendar event on iCal in my computer, the event shows up everywhere but not iPhone. What to do to fix issues of Calendar not working on iPhone? Please help.

When people say iPhone Calendar not working, the most likely symptom is no change made on iPhone Calendar could be synced to other devices and the change made on other devices can also not be synced to iPhone.

If you are encountering iPhone Calendar not working issues, don’t fret, here in this post, we will show you all potential solutions to fix it. Note that these methods also work for fixing iPad Calendar not working issues.

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iPhone/iPad Calendar Not Working

iPhone/iPad Calendar Not Working

Top 5 Methods to Fix Issues of iPhone/iPad Calendar Not Working

Here are 5 tips in total to fix iPhone iPad Calendar not working issues. It is suggested to try them one by one.

  1. Make sure you have signed in the same Apple ID on every iOS devices.
  2. Make sure your iPhone/iPad is under good Internet connection. If not, try to switch from cellular data from Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi to cellular data.
  3. Always Save Calendar under iCloud

There are so many calendar service you can choose from, like Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, so you probably didn’t set iCloud calendar as the default calendar on your iPhone. iCloud can only sync calendar saved in iCloud Calendars instead of all calendars on iPhone, that’s why you need to set iCloud Calendars as your default.

To set iCloud calendar as your default, please Tap Settings > Contacts > Default Account. Tap a calendar under iCloud and you can make it as your default calendar.

  1. Turn off Apps Requesting Access to Calendar

Go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts, Mails and Calendars. Make sure there is no App requesting access to Calendar. If there are any, turn them off.

  1. Refresh Your iCloud Calendar

This method seems really simple but many people may forget to try. Open the Calendar app and tap the Calendar tab, swipe down on the list to refresh your events and reminders.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iPhone iPad Calendar not working. If you are encountering other Calendar issues, please don’t hesitate and leave comments below. By the way, don’t forget and download AnyTrans to have a 7-day free trial.

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