How to Fix iTunes Error 1603

If you are searching for solutions to iTunes error 1603, you can read this article to get some easy fixes.

By iMobie | Posted on: Aug. 08, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 28, 2018
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Q: My iPhone can’t open only show iTunes sign. When I connect my iPhone with PC(using windows 7) and restore iPhone in iTunes, but iTunes shows error 1603. How can I solve it? Please help me as early as possible.

You might encounter various unknown errors while using iTunes, such as error 1603, error 8003, error 8364 etc. In this guide, we are going to talk about the iTunes error 1603, which always occurs when you try to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod from iTunes, just like the user above. Especially when Apple released the latest iOS 12 beta, many users who have updated their iDevice to the iOS 12 complained that they encountered iTunes error 1603. If you are unlucky to meet this unknown error, you must have no idea why it occurs and how to fix it. In the following article, we will tell you the answer.

What Causes the iTunes Error 1603?

The main reason for error 1603 is that your iTunes is unable to proceed with the commands that you want. Besides, many other reasons might also lead to its occurrence, such as the outdated version of iTunes, virus on your computer or corruption of your registry settings on PC etc. It always shows you like the picture below.

iTunes Error 1603

iTunes Error 1603

When iTunes error 1603 knocks at your door, don’t be afraid, we have the way to help you block it out. Now you can follow the solutions below to address this annoying problem.

Simple Solutions to iTunes Error 1603

Solution 1. Check Your USB Cable

You should go to check if your USB cable is broken or loose. If it is, just change another one to have a try.

Solution 2. Restart the Computer

Restarting the computer can remove some obstacles that stop the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from restoring. After restarting, you can try to restore your iDevice with iTunes again.

Solution 3. Change a Computer to Have a Try

If the solutions above cannot solve this problem, you can change a computer where install the latest iTunes to have a try.

Solution 4. Update Your iTunes to the Latest Version

It’s possible that your iTunes is not able to cope with the computer system. In order to make sure the iTunes is compatible with your computer, you can update your iTunes to the latest version.

Update Your iTunes to the Latest Version

Update Your iTunes to the Latest Version

Solution 5. Restore Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes

Besides restoring iPhone from backup with iTunes/iCloud, you can try to use some trusted iTunes alternative tools, such as PhoneRescue for iOS, which is a professional iOS data recovery tool that allows you to extract files what you want from iDevice and iCloud backup. Compared with traditional iTunes restore way, it enables you to preview and select data before restoring, without erasing any data.

In addition, PhoneRescue for iOS supports restoring up to 30 types of data includes messages, contacts, photos, music, calendar, videos etc. And it won’t erase any data on your device. With so many wonderful features, why not download PhoneRescue for iOS to have a try.

Restore Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes

Restore Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix iTunes error 1603. We can not promise all of the solutions above can help you fix the iTunes error 1603, but you can have a try, maybe one of them is useful. By the way, if you have any other questions, you can leave us the comments below.


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