How to Fix iTunes Error 17 with 4 Solutions


Run into iTunes error 17 when you upgrade or restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? This tutorial will tell you exactly how to fix iTunes error 17.

Apr. 07, 2017


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Since iOS 10.3.1 was released couple days ago, many iOS device users can’t wait to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS version through iTunes. However sometimes things don’t go well. A few customers e-mailed to us asking for help, because there came iTunes error 17 when they upgraded their device to iOS 10.3.1. So to figure out what iTunes error 17 is and how to fix it, keep reading the following content.

What is iTunes Error 17

iTunes error 17 happens not only when upgrading, but also when you plan to restore your iOS device in iTunes. Apple tells that this annoying error is caused by connectivity problems. And iTunes error 17 has many similarities to iTunes 3194 error, which also comes when you restore iOS devices.

How to Fix iTunes Error 17

We just learn about that iTunes error 17 is related to connectivity issues, so its solutions are associated with connectivity. And there are totally 4 ways to fix it.

iTunes Error 17 Solution 1. Check Network

Unstable or no Internet connectivity will disable iTunes to connect and download the IPSW file from Apple's server. And as a result, iTunes will show you the error 17. If network is OK, keep reading the next solution.

iTunes Error 17 Solution 2. Disable Firewall or, Anti-virus Software

This tip is similar to the above one. Because firewall or, any anti-virus software on your computer could prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers.

iTunes Error 17 Solution 3. Upgrade to the Latest iTunes Version

Some earlier versions of iTunes are unable to install the latest versions of iOS, or restore the latest version of the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

iTunes Error 17 Solution 4. Check Host Files

On Mac

Step 1. Open Finder > Go > Go to Folder.

Step 2. Type /etc and click Go button.

Step 3. Locate the file that named Hosts, copy and paste this file on desktop.

Step 4. Open the file on the desktop, find the lines that have, delete all lines that has Save the file after deleting all lines with

Step 5. Locate \etc folder again, copy and paste the modified file on the desktop here. If prompted, choose replace to overwrite the original hosts file.

Step 6. Restart your Mac and try to restore and update in iTunes again.

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 - Mac

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 - Mac

On Windows

Step 1. Locate C:\\Windows\System32\drives\etc

Step 2. Find the file that named Hosts and open the file as an Administrator.

Step 3. Find and delete the lines that have and then save it.

Step 4. Restart your PC and try again.

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 - Windows

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 - Windows

Bonus Tip: How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode

When iPhone users encounter iTunes error 17, the devices will be stuck in recovery mode. And this bonus tip aims at telling you how to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode exactly. To resolve this problem, we need the help of an iOS & Android data recovery application - PhoneRescue.

PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery is developed to recover any lost iOS data from the device itself, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. And these are not all. Its forth amazing function is iOS Repair Tools. iOS Repair Tools can fix iOS devices stuck in recovery mode, stuck on black screen and white Apple logo, etc.

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode

Step 1. Go to the download page of PhoneRescue and click PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery to download and install on your computer, open it > Connect your device to the computer > Click iOS Repair Tools.

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 1

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 1

Step 2. Click "Start" button to continue the repair process, and follow the instruction in the window to enter "Recovery” mode.

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 2

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 2

Step 3. After entering "Recovery" mode, please check your device information. Click "Download" button to download the firmware for your iOS device. Please make sure Internet connection is stable.

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 3

How to Fix iOS Stuck in Recovery Mode - Step 3

Step 4. After downloading firmware, it will repair your iOS device to normal automatically.

The Bottom Line

With these four solutions, you wouldn’t get bothered by iTunes error 17. And with PhoneRescue – iOS Data Recovery, iOS device stuck in recovery mode wouldn’t be a problem, either. Try PhoneRescue now.

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