How to Fix the “I” Problem on iPhone iPad with Great Ease


After updating to iOS 11, many people might find that they can’t type a capital “I”. If you are troubled by how to fix the “I” problem on iPhone iPad, do keep reading and find solutions below.


Dec. 19, 2017


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Each iOS contains bugs, even the latest iOS 11. After updating to iOS 11, many people find that while typing, the capital “I” will be replaced to an “A” alongside an unreadable Unicode symbol. It is a pretty small problem but annoying.

However, the fix is quite easy and simple. As long as you have updated to the latest iOS 11.2, the problem should be fixed. Just in case some of you don’t want to do iOS upgrade, there are some ways you can adopt to fix the “I” problem on iPhone iPad. Please give those methods a try.

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How to Fix the “I” Problem on iPhone iPad

There are three methods in total you can adopt to fix the “I” problem on iPhone iPad. Do choose the one suits you most.

Solution 1. Fix the “I” Problem by Turning off Autocorrect

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.

Step 2. Toggle Autocorrect until it appears to be grey.

Solution 2. Fix the “I” Problem by Setting up a Text Replacement

Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement. Type an upper-case “I” for the phrase and a lower-case “I” for the shortcut. That will tell your phone to substitute a capital I whenever a standalone lowercase “I” is typed.

Solution 3. Fix the “I” Problem by Pressing the Leftmost Text Option

Pressing the leftmost text option will tell autocorrect to keep the capital “I” instead of changing it. This needs to be done every time you type a capital “I”.

Bonus Tip: How to Manage iPhone Data with Ease

While enjoying the convenience that iPhone brought us, the iOS is causing us much trouble. The iOS is designed to be a closed system to protect iOS devices from the virus, but it gives users less permission to access the data, that is to say, it is hard to manage iPhone data, like transferring data from computer to iPhone, transferring data from iPhone to a computer.

1. Backup iOS data to a computer.

The traditional way to backup iOS data is to use iTunes, which only allows you backup all data on iPhone. This might drain your computer storage. Besides, the data in iTunes backup on a computer are not viewable.

AnyTrans can help you selectively backup iOS data to a computer in any formats you like. Besides, you can choose the export path to backup data so that you don’t have to look everywhere to find them.

As an iOS user, you need a tool like AnyTrans to help you manage iOS data. Here is what AnyTrans can do for you.

2. Add Contents from Computer to iPhone iPad

We occasionally need data on a computer to be on iPhone iPad. With AnyTrans, transferring data from computer to iPhone iPad is just a piece of cake. Currently, AnyTrans supports 22 types of data, like contacts in VCF, music, ringtones.

3. Add Contents to iTunes Library/iCloud

Besides a computer, iTunes library and iCloud are also nice places to store iOS data. With a few clicks, AnyTrans can send them wherever you want.

4. View iTunes/iCloud Backup

As is known by everyone, data in iTunes/iCloud backups are not viewable. That is no longer the case if you have AnyTrans. It can help you view the data in iTunes/iCloud backup and download them to a computer. You can also transfer them to iPhone iPad.

5. Media Download

We also dedicate to provide the best media downloading experience. Paste the URL on the blank square, you can download the videos to computer or iPhone iPad.

AnyTrans Overview

AnyTrans Overview

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix the “I” problem on iPhone iPad. If you find this post helpful, please share it with others. By the way, as you can see, AnyTrans is a nice tool to manage iOS data. Why not download it and have a seven-day free trial or get an AnyTrans license code? Any questions about this post or AnyTrans are welcomed to be left in the comment column.

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